Software IntegrationLuminFire specializes in integrating software or making systems talk.

This isn’t easy. In fact, it’s one of the toughest challenges in computer science. That’s why we invested over 3,500 hours in building BrilliantSync. BrilliantSync helps us accurately translate and sync data/information between differing software packages.

The result is more up-to-date and timely information where you need it and less time spent with redundant data entry. Your business saves time and money making it more profitable.

When we tell clients that, for example, we can get FileMaker and WordPress to talk, the response is often “You can actually do that?” …and that’s just the start. We do this kind of work all the time. Think of us as translators and interpreters for information…not just languages.

Any technology that has an API (Application Programming Interface) is something that we can connect to and exchange information in an automated way. We can do this by adding a custom BrilliantSync connector.

To see all the things we integrate see our technologies page. It lists some of the technologies that we’ve worked with and integrated successfully for past clients.

You’ll find descriptions of each technology and why it is used along with links to some success stories or specific implementations we’ve done. Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and solutions. We didn’t have time to write them all up. Just because there’s not a story here doesn’t mean we can’t help or haven’t worked with that technology. It often means we’re too busy building helpful solutions for our clients that we haven’t gotten around to have writing it up yet.

We’re platform agnostic when it comes to working with what you’ve got. Often that can’t be changed. When we have a choice of technologies, we’ll see if WordPress or FileMaker or our other favorite options will work and they do help to solve a majority of business problems. When they don’t, we’re happy to work with the right tool for your business.

See this article that talks about software integration and FileMaker as a CRM and ERP.