fmIgnite IconGet BrilliantHub Starter bundled with Claris FileMaker cloud hosting and FileMaker Licensing at a fixed monthly cost.

This cloud-hosted SaaS model (Software as a Service) saves you money over standard FileMaker hosting and FileMaker licensing costs while also getting you an amazing software base/framework to build your solution on. It also allows you to get just the FileMaker licensing you need…even below the normal 5 user minimum.

All plans include the following:

  • BrilliantHub Starter: The best engineered FileMaker starter solution available.
  • The most reliable and flexible FileMaker cloud hosting available in multiple data centers around the world for maximum responsiveness.
  • FileMaker licensing: Advanced for Windows/macOS, FileMaker Go for iOS, and WebDirect for each user

LuminFire Releases FREE fmIgnite Starter SolutionCost (billed annually):

  • 1 User $35/month
  • 2 Users $65/month
  • 3 Users $75/month
  • 4 Users $85/month
  • 5 Users $95/month 

Options available for any number of users. Contact us to discuss your exact needs.