Often, our clients come from places where there has been “Excel abuse”. You’ve outgrown the use of a spreadsheet and need a way to keep track of historical information and share it within your organization, or even the world, via the Internet.

Off-the-shelf solutions are not made to fit every organization. By utilizing rapid application development tools like FileMaker Pro or WordPress, we can create customized solutions to fit your unique processes and workflow.

Are you ready for a custom application solution?

  1. Are you wasting time on double entry or trying to locate information spread across many applications such as Excel, Entourage, Outlook, and Word?
  2. Is your current solution hard for users to learn or have too many features that you do not use?
  3. Is your current solution such as ACT!, Goldmine, NOW, or DayLite not flexible enough to meet your needs?
  4. Is your current system not able to be modified or no longer supported by the manufacturer?
  5. Do you want a solution that can adapt as your business changes?
  6. Are you having difficulty sharing information or knowing who has the most current copy?
  7. Are you using Excel as a database and find it difficult to manage?
  8. Have you outgrown your Access database or is it unstable?
  9. Would you like a tool that gives you a competitive edge because you are the only company that has it?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you are ready for a custom solution that FITS YOUR BUSINESS.

A custom FileMaker solution will provide your organization with a centralized data source that will streamline your processes, save labor time, and can be modified to meet your changing needs.

We can combine many software solutions through integration to make them work together. Our development process is designed to benefit our clients by consistently delivering quality solutions on time and in budget.