Brilliant Solutions Portfolio

  • EntreaLite Infinity Pump

    EntreaLite Infinity Pump Digital Simulator


  • Prodigy Picks

    Prodigy Picks

    Prodigy Picks is a service that seeks to provide value to their customers by analyzing trends and angles and extending expert opinions on which “picks” to invest in.  Prodigy Picks was using MemberPress, a WordPress plugin, to manage memberships. Since Prodigy Picks operates in a high-risk (gambling) industry, they were finding that it was difficult to […]

  • Hideaway Day Camp

    Hideaway Day Camp BrilliantSync WordPress to FileMaker

  • LKT Labs Ecommerce Website FileMaker Integration

    LKT Labs Ecommerce Website FileMaker Integration

    We integrated an existing FileMaker database with a brand new online ecommerce web site. Using FileMaker in the office and WordPress for the front-end public takes advantage of the strengths of both platforms. FileMaker is used internally for its rapid application development and ability to quickly produce new reports. WordPress makes the ideal platform to take […]

  • Buy the Change

    Mobile responsive web application site for a locally focused person to person sales site.

  • R.F. Moeller Jewelers 6

    R.F. Moeller Jewelers

    Custom theme and plugin development for a premier MN based jeweler.

  • St. Olaf College

    St. Olaf College

    Custom theme and plugins for a Minnesota based Christian college.

  • Westin Construction 6

    Westin Construction

    Custom site design and WordPress development for a national construction company.

  • Morningstar News

    Morningstar News

    Customized WordPress theme and MailChimp template for a news service.

  • Resource Center for Churches

    Resource Center for Churches

    Minimalist design and custom development for a regional church resource center.

  • Free Bikes 4 Kidz 7

    Free Bikes 4 Kidz

    Custom theme and plugin development for a growing non-profit.

  • Travel Beyond 8

    Travel Beyond

    Custom theme and travel search system for a luxury travel company.

  • The Hardest Question

    The Hardest Question

    Site redesign and conversion from single site to multisite.

  • Daily Y

    Daily Y

    Customized premium theme to meet client needs.

  • Spark.A.Vision


      Spark.A.Vision is a video creation tool used by schools to help students create vision videos for their life. Thought Refinery was brought in to create a custom plugin to enable the functionality needed to integrate WordPress with the 3rd party video creation API. Link Development Highlights Connected the WordPress user system to video […]

  • Y Worlds 1.0

    Y Worlds 1.0

    Thought Refinery was brought in to fill the gap left by their designer/developer leaving the team. We got up to speed quickly and launched the site in June 2012.

  • The New Graphic

    The New Graphic

    Custom theme development for a prominent Minnesota based designer.

  • Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association (MCHA)

    Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association (MCHA)

    Custom theme development for a Minnesota health care provider.

  • Community Events Plugin

    Community Events Plugin

    As part of the product team at Modern Tribe I helped build an add-on to the popular Events Calendar & Events Calendar Pro plugins called Community Events.

  • Pocket Your Dollars

    Pocket Your Dollars

    Custom theme and plugin development for a local coupon blogger.

  • WordPress-to-lead for Salesforce CRM

    WordPress-to-lead for Salesforce CRM

    Enhanced and upgraded the plugin to version 2.0 (in collaboration with Modern Tribe).

  • Clayfire


    Custom theme development for a MN based publishing house.

  • We Are Sparkhouse

    We Are Sparkhouse

    Custom theme development and multisite setup for Sparkhouse, a division of Augsburg Publishers.

  • MN Volleyball HQ

    Custom theme development for a local volleyball business.

  • Believers Press

    Believers Press

    Custom theme and ecommerce development for a MN based self publishing services provider.

  • Library Insider

    Library Insider

    Heavily customized s2member site with ecommerce integration.

  • Believers Press Bookstore

    Believers Press Bookstore

    XCart based ecommerce site with custom API integration.