LuminFire Claris FileMaker


With LuminFire, you’ve got an experienced partner to help you on your journey.

As a Claris Platinum Partner and reseller for many years we stay up to date on all the latest changes and updates. We can recommend right sized solutions to save you time and money on your path to success.

Check out our brilliant solutions to help businesses that use Claris FileMaker.

  • fmIgnite - Fully customizable FileMaker-based business software solution
  • fmFlare - Pre-built advanced code modules that assist with integrating nearly any system with an API with FileMaker. Connect web forms, edit images/PDFs, etc.


LuminFire also has a suite of brilliant products that support FileMaker integration…

  • BrilliantPortal - A web dashboard app with an extensible API for synching data from FileMaker via fmFlare and support for the FileMaker DataAPI
  • BrilliantGateway - FileMaker Data API middleware to enable stable public APIs and mitigate performance and security issues in any public facing solution
  • BrilliantFlows - Real-time and message queue style webhook receiver
  • BrilliantStorage - A multi-cloud capable object storage API with optional digital asset management interface
  • BrilliantMaps - The smart and performant way to map business data using WordPress.
  • BrilliantUploader - Gravity Forms Add-on that provides enhanced file upload capabilities directly to S3 compatible cloud storage providers and supports a modern UI with thumbnails and progress bars
  • BrilliantPDF - Manipulate PDFs from FileMaker via fmFlare and optionally enter field data into static PDFs with drag and drop ease.
  • and others...


We’re in the business of creating custom solutions. The sky is the limit on what we can build for you.

In addition, our services include managed WordPress and FileMaker cloud hosting services, security training and awareness, and managed services for Apple devices. Download any of our free FileMaker sample files.

Do you also have a WordPress website? fmFlare for Gravity Forms is one of our most popular integration solutions for FileMaker users that also have a WordPress website. Integrate your website form submissions with the most popular and powerful forms solution for WordPress. There is no need to wait for a solution – one can be built and used today.

Find inspiration with these recent brilliant success stories: Hancock Lumber and Peregrine.


fmIgnite Starter + fmFlare Starter Bundle with bonus ebook:

  • fmIgnite Starter - A solid foundation for building FileMaker-based business solutions
  • fmFlare - Native FileMaker modules that connect FileMaker to the world of APIs and cloud services through scripts
  • eBook "Solving the Digital Technology Puzzle: How Claris FileMaker Fits"