Built by our expert team of WordPress and GIS/mapping experts to address their frustration with existing WordPress mapping options, BrilliantMaps is the smart way to map your business data using WordPress.

BrilliantMaps leverages the powerful and flexibility of WordPress to make mapping your data easier and more powerful. It sets the foundation for creating fully responsive frontend custom maps that go beyond the limitations of existing free and premium plugins available today.

BrilliantMaps is the only WordPress mapping plugin that supports:

  • Efficient and powerful filtering, layering, and searching of your data – GEOMETRY data structure/indices for spatial searches at the database engine level.
  • Support for standards – GeoJSON (the standard for exchanging geo based data on the web) and KMZ/KML soon.
  • Flexibility in choosing a map providers – Google Maps, Open Street Maps and Here.com (day, night, pedestrian baselayers) are available now. Flexible to accommodate many different basemaps and geocoding services.
  • Ability to use any custom post type or users as the data source – Store locator, Real estate data with multiple types, Members, etc.
  • Multiple maps based on different data sources – Multiple data types and sources within your website.
  • Marker popups with description, link, image – Quickly show critical data on click to help users find what they are looking for.

In addition, BrilliantMaps can provide:

  • Groups and marker clustering – Improve performance and eliminate “marker overload” for dense maps.
  • Different data layers – Show different types of content on different layers to allow users to show and hide data layers.

Shown: Interactive control of basemaps, multiple data layers, clustering, custom markers


Because BrilliantMaps uses WordPress core features and content types vs requiring you to migrate data to it’s content type(s), it is fast and compatible with just about any website, and works well with caching plugins and static caching (like Varnish).

BrilliantMaps is available as a catalyst for custom development projects that gives you a huge head start on spatial projects using WordPress — No starting from scratch or reinventing the wheel required. It may be released for general use in the future, but is available today for use by LuminFire customers.

Coming Soon: We’re developing a demo site to show off the power of BrilliantMaps.

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