LuminFire creates brilliant technology solutions that make work more effective, productive, and profitable.
Custom application and web experts.
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Custom Applications

We specialize in rapidly building amazing apps that automate your business processes and stunning web sites that attract new clients.

Site Overview

We can help: (1) About Us, (2) Services, and (3) Products.

Brilliant Experts

Certified developers with credentials and deep experience in complex cross platform/system integrations like ecommerce, accounting, mobile, web, visualization, mapping technologies, HIPAA, etc.

Useful articles, tips, and tricks to help your business focused on FileMaker, WordPress web sites, mobile, GIS, and Apple technologies.

Technology Services

Business analysis, computer, mobile, and network support. We source and support Apple Mac/iOS systems and integrate with Windows/Android. Training, consulting, and support.

Contact Us

Project Request LuminFire Phone: 612-564-1626