Super Bowl LII Hosted in LuminFire’s Home City Minneapolis

The big super bowl game is over and the Philadelphia Eagles are NFL champs! It was really cold here in Minneapolis but warm inside US. Bank Stadium with over 65,000 cheering fans. Inside was nearly 80 degrees warmer than outside! Jimmy Fallon visited a Minnesota family in Champlin and experienced a bit of our northern […]

Your WordPress site could be faster and more secure with a newer PHP version

If you’ve logged into WordPress recently and seen a message like the one below, don’t ignore it. This is the WordPress equivalent of the wear indicator on your tires — you could keep driving on them, but the smart move is to replace them before they cause an accident. Your site could be faster and […]

Is Your Business Ready for the GDPR?

Is your business ready for the GDPR? Does it need to be? On May 25, 2018, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect in the EU. The GDPR introduces some of the strongest protection for personal information in the world. It replaces the previous regulation (Directive 95/46/EC), introducing more stringent […]

Meltdown and Spectre Security Issues: What FileMaker and WordPress Users Need to Know

Mainstream news sources are now reporting the security issue that affects nearly every modern processor out there including Intel, AMD, and ARM chips or about 80% of the market. A potential attacker could gain access to protected system memory if an application was installed or even via malicious Javascript injected via an advertising network. The […]

Add a Gravatar Image Lookup To Your FileMaker App

With a simple script trigger, you can make the process of adding Gravatar photos to your FileMaker contacts database automatic. Here we walk you through the necessary steps to integrate Gravatar with your own FileMaker app, and offer an updated version of our fmIgnite Starter solution with this integration built in. What is Gravatar? First […]

A Brief Tour of our Brilliant LuminFire Office

Our LuminFire office is filled with inspiring people, technology, and ideas. Two museum quality displays in our space illustrate this: (1) Think Brilliant and (2) Patently Brilliant. Think Brilliant In the spirit of the original 1997 Apple “Think Different” advertising campaign we created “Think Brilliant”….an homage to brilliant thinkers that have influenced our work and […]

FileMaker 16 Makes the Windows User Experience Better with SDI Windows

One of the most valuable but overlooked new features of FileMaker Pro 16 is a change that was made on the Windows platform. Ironically, this feature has been around for decades on the Mac platform, but now is finally available on Windows. The advantage of this feature alone in FileMaker 16 makes it a must-do […]

Oakdale Precision’s New Web Site Bridges the Gap Between WordPress and FileMaker

Oakdale Precision, Inc. is a rapidly growing, full-service manufacturing job shop that supplies parts, assemblies, fixtures, and capital equipment to over 100 companies. They pride themselves in producing high quality items, with quick turnaround and short lead times. Their specialized equipment and workers can produce sheet and turned metal components specified to incredible tolerances. FileMaker […]

EnteraLite Infinity Pump Makes Training Easier with Custom Web App Simulator

The EnteraLite Infinity Pump is a versatile enteral feeding system that has been designed with portability in mind, and its small size allows patients to get the nutrition they need while living an active lifestyle. Initially developed by Moog, the Infinity Pump was being marketed by Nestle Nutrition. Nestle created a new website and they […]

Help! I can’t get to my Hosted FileMaker DB or WordPress website!

In the last couple of hours we’ve fielded many calls and emails from our FileMaker and WordPress website hosting clients that were unable to access their applications and websites. It wasn’t quite an “appocalypse,” but it was a major inconvenience… In this particular case our office was also affected and we quickly determined it was […]