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They are so thorough, so completely genuine about what they deliver. What they say they're going to offer is what they deliver. That is a testament because they have customers that they've had for many, many years. That's not by accident. - Julie Sigfrinius, FileMaker Global Partner Manager

Working with Luminfire has been great. Your developers quickly sought clarification where necessary, came up with novel solutions to some of the challenges we faced, and designed a very functional, well-designed product for us. We could iterate in real time rather than having to make lots of changes at the end. This process resulted in a product that was nearly perfect at launch. The data migration from our old system also went off without a hitch, so we were very pleased with that. We look forward to continuing to work together on any upgrades to the database that might be required in the future. - Steve Friedenberg, U of MN College of Veterinary Medicine

Thanks for being accessible, responsive, positive, and patient. We are all very excited about the new application! Everyone is finding it user-friendly and efficient. We keep making exciting new discoveries. - Beth Loo, President Betmar Languages

We've been working with LuminFire since 2010. We started in a very small capacity. We keep adding more and more features and functions. Everyone is always helpful, able to help even if it's not something that they normally work on. Keep us moving into the future instead of staying stagnant.

It was really easy to work with LuminFire to get exactly what we needed for our specific need.

They're always telling you what they're doing so that you know what work is, what kind of magic is being done behind the scenes.

It just helped my productivity. Definitely more time to work on other projects, so I'm not wasting my time.

I think they're the best at what they do and offer the best values. That's why we work with them.

They're incredibly hard workers, and they have a lot of integrity.

Very easy to work with. Very friendly. The staff is wonderful.

What sets them apart from other developers is the integration of FileMaker and WordPress web development.

I just have to say thank you for really going above and beyond our expectations on this project.


Way to get this moving for results. Great example of efficient project execution.

The new application is so amazing and beautiful I almost cried happy tears! Thank you so much for creating it. It's nothing short of great!

Thank you! It is really nice to work with people that are so organized and energetic!

Excellent! You've made my day, and week, maybe even my month!

You have been a key partner in creating and adapting the application to our needs. We are VERY happy with this system. It saves us so much time!

Un-honkin'-believable! It's great, stylish, and so simple to use!

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