BrilliantFlows makes asynchronous service integration and automation of workflows possible. It’s like a real-time courier service delivering information to one or more destinations — right when it is needed.

Working alongside fmFlare and/or WordPress, BrilliantFlows makes integrations easier and maintainable using standard FileMaker scripting. Since it uses universally accepted webhooks, it can also be used by any service capable of sending a JSON web hook.

Here are some of the features of BrilliantFlows — as multiple output channels can be configured, one webhook can trigger multiple actions:

  • Store messages in a queue and poll (retrieve) via fmFlare, cURL, etc.
  • Push messages to FileMaker Server via the FileMaker Data API (and optionally call script to trigger processing)
  • Send Email or SMS text notifications
  • Send webhooks to one or more services (using all or part of the original message)
  • Monitors delivery / logs all events / failure notifications
  • No technical limit of API calls or flows (limits subject to licensing)

Supported services include MailChimp, Twillio, MailGun, and WooCommerce with more being added over time.

BrilliantFlows is fully customizable and can be HIPAA compliant (dedicated deployment required, call for pricing).

Contact LuminFire to decide if BrilliantFlows can make implementing your next project easier.