BrilliantHub is a powerful foundation for a customized solution built to meet your exact business needs. It is a fully integrated system based on the #1 workplace innovation platform in the world, Claris FileMaker. A custom system built on BrilliantHub allows you to determine your own workflow, own all your data and build a unique asset for your company that gives you a competitive advantage.

BrilliantHub can be fully customized for your manufacturing company. Paired with cloud hosting, you will have incredible flexibility to access the solution from anywhere. Aerofab is an example of a success story where BrilliantHub was customized for the manufacturing industry, making them more effective, productive, and profitable. .

There are off-the-shelf software systems that are advertised as manufacturing solutions, but manufacturing companies have found them to be more expensive and often more complex to operate than a FileMaker solution. Not only that, but they don’t fully meet the needs of most manufacturing companies. They just aren’t the right fit.

Our manufacturing clients have found BrilliantHub a wise investment. Because FileMaker can be rapidly modified and enhanced to meet changes in the industry or in internal processes, it can grow with you.

A great feature is that it allows our clients to take advantage of not only their desktop computers but also iPads in their production areas. Another big advantage to the system is that you will own all your data. It’s not held hostage in a system with limited export capabilities. All data is completely available for producing helpful reports and insights about your business.

Do you find yourself spending large amounts of time setting up routing operations for each job? BrilliantHub allows you to create job activity templates and set custom templates as favorites so a user can only see their own templates. These templates cam streamline the routing operation process significantly by drastically reducing load times and by making the template selection process extremely quick.

In addition to streamlining the routing operations process, BrilliantHub also gives you many other helpful capabilities.  You can attach multiple people to a company record, allowing you the ability to track individual clients’ contact information, including email addresses, phone numbers and job titles.

BrilliantHub will also help you manage your inventory stock of raw materials and save you time doing so. LuminFire can help you streamline the data entry process, prevent duplicate entries, speed up future data entry, and reduce any future errors.

If you’re looking for a powerful and flexible custom software solution that exactly meets your manufacturing needs, LuminFire can help. Contact us for a free consultation.