BrilliantTheme is a collection of three well designed, best practice, and modern Claris FileMaker Pro themes:

  • BrilliantTheme – Desktop/laptop large screens
  • BrilliantTheme Touch – Mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad using FileMaker Go
  • BrilliantTheme Print – Printing reports

BrilliantThemes include well defined styles that can be used to create FileMaker solutions. Styles have consistent prefixes in the BrilliantHub theme:

  • TX – text
  • EB – edit box
  • DC – drop-down calendar
  • DL – drop-down list
  • PM – pop-up menu
  • CB – checkbox set
  • RB – radio button set
  • CR – container
  • BN – button
  • BB – button bar
  • PO – popover button
  • TC – tab control panel
  • SC – slide control panel
  • PL – portal
  • LN – line
  • SH – shape (rectangle, rounded rectangle or oval)
  • CH – chart
  • WV – web viewer
  • BG – background
  • PT – layout part

Application of styles throughout an existing FileMaker solution can be a time-consuming process as every object on every layout may need to be touched. Once applied, using BrilliantTheme provides many advantages:

  • Better Performance: Solutions based on the Classic theme do not benefit from the underlying CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) codes in newer versions of FileMaker and so run more slowly.
  • Improved User Experience: Developers can easily customize the look and feel of their FileMaker Pro database, creating an intuitive and visually appealing user experience.
  • Consistent Design: Helps promote a consistent design across your database, ensuring that all elements look and behave the same, making it easier for users to navigate.
  • Brand Recognition: Provides a great opportunity to create a unique, branded look. This helps to reinforce a company’s brand identity and differentiate their product from the competition.
  • Faster Development: Save time and money by allowing developers to quickly create a unified look and feel for their database, rather than having to design each element from scratch.
  • Increased Flexibility: Makes it easier to adjust the look and feel of your database with minimal effort, allowing you to quickly and easily tweak the design to fit your changing needs.

BrilliantThemes are available via the BrilliantHub starter solution or when LuminFire builds or enhances a solution for you.