This is a demo file that is completely unlocked that you can download and use to demo and learn how to build cURL requests. Each record represents a single request and the user interface allows you to easily build/manipulate options, send requests, and explore headers/results. It is preloaded with examples, but you can use it to explore APIs you work with to extend your FileMaker solutions. It supports GET, POST, and PUT methods in the user interface; however, others (e.g. DELETE) are possible once you get into using cURL options. Look under the hood at the scripts for details.

cURL is the free and open source project consisting of two products, a command line utility called curl and a portable library called libcurl, designed for transferring data with URLs. cURL stands for “Client for URLs” or “Client for URL Request Library” and it includes the URL spelled in uppercase to emphasize it deals with URLs. Practically speaking, cURL is a swiss army knife of tools used by programmers to exchange information between systems using dozens of supported protocols. The project name is conveniently/appropriately pronounced “see URL” while the command line utility name is pronounced just like the sport. cURL is the most popular file transfer library on the planet–it is used by billions of devices every day. Enhanced cURL options in FileMaker make it much easier for FileMaker solutions to interact with other systems, opening doors for what is possible within FileMaker.

See our blog article about FileMaker and cURL.

Download the LuminFire cURL demo file:

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