We have put together a FileMaker example solution that uses html, CSS, and Javascript in a web viewer to display a complete colorful fireworks display celebration with customizable text to celebrate the 4th of July, New Years, or any other special occasion.

How it works: The web viewer in FileMaker may be used to display any website URL. It can also be used to render html, CSS, and Javascript stored locally in the FileMaker database (as opposed to being hosted on a web server). By placing the html/Javascript/CSS code in a stored field, we simplify the creation of a data URL so we can use quotes without changing them to single quotes or escaping them in the FileMaker code.

Use the display as a celebration event when a user completes an important task in your custom solution. ;)

With this solution you can add your own custom Title, as well as your own html, css and JavaScript text if you wanted to work with the more advanced code.

Here’s a quick video demo…

Download the FREE FireWorks solution.

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