I’m fully proficient with the Mac OS and Windows. All the software that we write with FileMaker and on the web works on either operating system. I personally choose to use a Macintosh for many reasons. For one, the Mac is the only computer where you can test software on both the Mac OS and Windows without needing two workstations.

The world has changed. Today the Apple Macintosh is a well-respected computer. Just a few years ago Mac users were constantly on the defensive. So much has changed. From time-to-time I’ll still get asked by Windows users why they should consider a Mac. People who hate Macs are usually misinformed, have no experience with them, or would prefer to tinker with the computer more than use it for real world work. Many times, I’ve found users that are so fed up with their Windows machines that they are willing to try ANYTHING else. The Mac is happy to fill that niche.

So here’s my personal list of the top 10 reasons to get a Mac:

1. Macs cost less than Windows PCs.
What? The total cost of ownership of a Mac is a lot less than a PC. You’ll spend more money up front for a Mac, but the PC will cost you more over time. I always look at purchasing a computer over a 3 year period. So the question becomes, how much are you paying for a computer per year? If your computer initially costs $1,200…it’s only about $400/year…not too bad. In addition, you can sell a 3 year old Mac for $700 since they hold their value. A $500 PC is worth zero after 3 years. They are essentially disposable. See #2-10 for more savings in time and money.

2. Things just work on a Mac.
With a Mac you can focus on doing your real work instead of getting the computer working.

3. Macs are the easiest to use and most intuitive computer ever.
Windows copies the Mac OS as best it can but legacy software and the multitude of hardware options makes it very difficult for them to come close to the Mac experience. Macintosh applications are generally designed to be more consistent and easy to use than their Windows equivalents. Since you spend less time trying to figure things out, you can spend more time getting work (or play) done.

4. Macs are designed to be a better computer.
Macs are elegant and cool and they come with the latest technology. For example: MagSafe connector, ambient light sensor, built in iSight camera and microphone, multi-touch trackpad, fast Intel processors, USB and FireWire. In addition, Macs are also designed to be environmentally sound with low impact energy efficiency and recyclability.

5. Award-winning support without blaming.
AppleCare extends your warranty out a full 3 years and covers nearly anything that goes wrong. Walk into any Apple Store and talk to a Genius that can help you. Sign up for the $99 One to One training and you can get helpful sessions for an entire year.
When you have a PC with an issue, often vendors will play the blame game to get rid of you. Dell will say it’s a problem with Windows and Microsoft will say it’s an issue with Dell. You’re stuck in the middle with something that doesn’t work. Apple makes the OS and the hardware. If something is not working, they’ll just fix it…and most likely it’s already working.

6. No PC viruses.
Viruses cost a lot. Anti-virus software costs about $70/year and slows down your computer. The first time you need to bring your computer in for repair to have them reinstall Windows and clean up the machine, it will cost you at least $150. Then there’s your lost time without the computer. Then you also don’t need to deal with the annoying messages asking if it’s OK to do anything.

7. Macs are compatible with your stuff.
You can run Microsoft Office on your Mac, get the free Open Office or Neo Office, or run Apple’s iWork suite. They all work with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Networks, printers, video cameras, etc. all work with the Mac. If you need to run a Windows application, there are at least four ways to run Windows on your Mac. In addition, running Windows on your Mac offers the advantages and safety of using a virtual operating system.

8. Macs integrate the best with iPods, iPads, iPhone, etc.
You most likely have an iPod or iPhone already and you want an iPad. Why not use them with the computer they were designed for? The iCloud service is also a great deal for syncing multiple computers with calendars, contacts, files, etc.

9. Macs have the world’s most advanced OS.
Apple has updated and improved the Mac OS regularly for the last several years. People actually install and use the latest version of the Mac OS. Windows is always playing catch up…and people often avoid the newer versions because changing over costs so much and breaks the things they use today. The Mac OS has features like Time Machine for easy and reliable backup and accessibility features built-in.

10. Macs come with awesome software.
There’s iCal, Apple Mail, Address Book, iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iTunes, and iDVD. It would easily cost you $500+ to purchase equivalent Windows applications to do everything that comes with the Mac OS…and those apps wouldn’t be as well integrated.

So there you have it. I’m sure I’m opening a can of worms here for people to comment…but go ahead. If you’ve got another opinion I welcome it. If you’re happy using Windows…great. It’s your choice. For me, I’ll continue using my Mac.

A few Mac stats (updated 10/28/10)…

Macintosh has experienced incredible growth over the last few years…not feeling much of a hit from the recession.

The Apple Macintosh is:
#1 in customer satisfaction, ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) for the last 7 years
#1 in customer support, for the last decade, Consumer Reports
#1 in reliability, PC World desktop and laptop
#1 Reader’s Choice – laptops & desktops, PC Magazine

There were 2.8 million Macs sold in the last year
50% of purchasers are people new to the Macintosh

Macintosh is a 22 billion dollar business, If it was a business on its own apart from Apple, it would be about #110 in US fortune 500.
Macintosh has 20.7% of US Consumer computer market share, NFD August 2010

Tim Cimbura – CEO and Software Engineer

Tim is an expert in creating custom business solutions that make businesses more effective, productive, and profitable. He specializes in rapid application development with the Claris platform including FileMaker and WordPress. He also knows Apple macOS technology inside and out.