The following are three of the applications that I install on nearly every Macintosh I touch. You’ll want them, too.

GraphicConverter – $40

GraphicConverter is a mini-Photoshop type of application that I use daily to edit graphics. It loads quickly and is full of features for editing images. I use it for scanning images and converting between nearly any of 190 image formats that is can read and write. In addition, it is fully AppleScriptable so that it can be used with FileMaker to automate image processing tasks.

Recently, GraphicConverter 7.0 was released with a totally revamped interface that makes it an even better tool.

Download GraphicConverter here.

Text Wrangler – FREE

Text Wrangler is a powerful text editor that I use it instead of Word or Pages when all I want to do is enter some notes or a short message. It can sort text lists, clean up messy characters in a document, and it is also very helpful to programmers since it can open and edit hidden preference files and other nerdy things.

If you need more power, you can purchase Text Wrangler’s big brother BBEdit…but you sure can do a lot with the free version.

Download Text Wrangler here.

SuperDuper! – $27.95

SuperDuper! is a utility that makes a complete mirror image backup of your hard drive onto another hard drive. It’s a great backup because you can use this type of backup if your hard drive fails immediately by booting from the alternate drive. The first time you backup, it copies the entire drive but subsequent backups copy only the items that have changed. As part of your full backup strategy you need at least 2 backups on separate hard drives created by SuperDuper!…and one should be stored offsite.

Download SuperDuper! here.

Tim Cimbura – CEO and Software Engineer

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