Apple device use is on the rise at major corporations. Technology giants like IBM are increasingly turning to Apple products, but this movement isn’t exactly new. As early as 2014, a study by Gartner indicated that PC sales were declining — citing that 87 percent of devices shipped were actually mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

As trends move toward mobile devices and an increasingly remote workforce, it follows that many companies are choosing Apple products… the brand that builds devices optimized for mobile use. Known for putting security first, Apple gives IT admins a robust roster of features to help make the most of their company’s devices. Additionally, many IT admins are also now using a mobile device management solution (MDM) for the Apple devices and Mac computers in their environments, creating operational efficiencies for the IT department when needing to respond to help desk tickets from their Apple device end users.

What does a MDM Do?

Knowing what devices (and threats) are in your environment is the first critical step in minimizing security risks. Apple MDM programs keep everyone operating on a secure network by granting the IT team access to every machine/device in their environment. This access gives the IT admin a clear picture of what devices are on the network, information about whether or not they’re encrypted, and if there are any security risks that can be eliminated by something as simple as a software update.

Enter BrilliantMDM powered by Addigy

Trusted by more than 3,000 global organizations, Addigy provides cloud-based Apple device management solutions for IT teams in enterprise, education, and Managed Security Partner (MSP) environments. Addigy is changing the way administrators support their end users, helping people get the most out of their Apple products every day.

LuminFire uses Addigy as part of our BrilliantSecurity platform to manage our client’s Mac computers (desktops & laptops) and iOS devices. Addigy helps us ensure your data and applications are secured and under control.

Additionally, if you have an anti-virus/anti-malware solution, it can be auto deployed and configured via Addigy, or you can pair it with Managed Endpoint Protection to further secure your devices against hackers.