Cloud-based customizable “drag and drop” forms with direct import capability into your FileMaker solution.

Easily create complex custom forms online for product & service orders, event registrations, polls, quizzes, surveys, feedback collection, accepting payments, etc.

Extend the reach of your FileMaker solution to the world by simply adding a link from your existing website – no hosting changes required! Use simple FileMaker script steps to import without any plug-ins, or knowledge of APIs/JSON required.


  • Fully managed service – No need to worry about servers, uptime, updates, or licensing
  • Intuitive and elegant interface for building forms – Drag and drop complex custom forms to web enable your business or non-profit
  • Fully responsive views – Easy access on any device: desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Conditional logic to tailor questions based on previous responses
  • Routing of email notifications based on submission data
  • Accept payments with pricing fields
    • Credit Card and ACH (eCheck) options
    • Payment Gateways: PayPal Standard & Pro, Stripe,, and others
  • Data formatting and validation – Dates, Phone Numbers, Addresses, etc.
  • Handles multi-page forms – Optional progress bar and page skip conditional logic
  • Allows file uploading – Subject to limits, please ask for details if you plan to enable file uploads
  • Stores all submissions
    • Rich search on any field to find past submissions
    • Easy CSV export to Excel
    • API to integrate with other tools
    • Webhooks to send submissions to 3rd party tools


Our BrilliantForms setup service is available to help you make sure implementation happens smoothly from start to finish…or DIY with fmFlare.