Easily create complex custom forms online for product & service orders, event registrations, polls, quizzes, surveys, feedback collection, accepting payments, for direct import capability into your FileMaker solution.

Extend the reach of your FileMaker solution to the world by simply adding a link from your existing website – no hosting changes required! Use simple FileMaker script steps to import without any plug-ins, or knowledge of APIs/JSON required.


  • Fully managed service – No need to worry about servers, uptime, updates, or licensing
  • Intuitive and elegant interface for building forms – Drag and drop complex custom forms to web enable your business or non-profit
  • Fully responsive views – Easy access on any device: desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Conditional logic to tailor questions based on previous responses
  • Routing of email notifications based on submission data
  • Accept payments with pricing fields
    • Credit Card and ACH (eCheck) options
    • Payment Gateways: PayPal Standard & Pro, Stripe, Authorize.net, and others
  • Data formatting and validation – Dates, Phone Numbers, Addresses, etc.
  • Handles multi-page forms – Optional progress bar and page skip conditional logic
  • Allows file uploading – Subject to limits, please ask for details if you plan to enable file uploads
  • Stores all submissions
    • Rich search on any field to find past submissions
    • Easy CSV export to Excel
    • API to integrate with other tools
    • Webhooks to send submissions to 3rd party tools


Our BrilliantForms setup service is available to help you make sure implementation happens smoothly from start to finish…or DIY with fmFlare.