I came across the nautical flag codes one day and thought it would be fascinating to see my name in flags. Around the same time, FileMaker 12 was released and I was looking for a project that would let me experiment with the new theme architecture and features as well as take full advantage of FileMaker Go for mobile devices.

So fmNautical flags was born. This application uses the built in “Ocean Touch” theme which is very appropriate. The Auto Open script demonstrates how to determine what device the app is running on and switch to the appropriate set of layouts for iPads, iPhones, or desktop macOS/Windows. In this way the app is responsive to the screen size.

To actually create a series of flags, we use a script to set each letter from the related stored container field. We use the older FileMaker construct of repeating fields to efficiently build this function. When a user enters or changes a word, a script trigger fires the script.

Some references…

Using FileMaker Advanced you could easily modify the app to do other things. That’s the power of FileMaker.

Get FileMaker Go for your iPad for FREE here. You can also download the FileMaker Advanced app on your desktop workstation and use FileMaker Pro to modify the app to meet your needs using the FREE trial of FileMaker Pro here.

Download a FREE copy of the fmNauticalFlags app here:

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