Interested in owning your own fast, secure, reliable, and always available server at your site? LuminFire provides personalized setup and maintenance services to meet your business needs for a reliable onsite Claris FileMaker Server. Onsite servers may be macOS or Windows-based. Sometimes, a macOS server can be the only Mac servicing an entire office of Windows-based PCs. We’ll help identify which will best meet your needs. For installation and maintenance of server hardware (or virtual server instance), we can take the lead or work with your existing IT staff or managed services firm. We can assist with full implementation or only handle the FileMaker setup and admin tasks.

If you have a reasonably fast internet connection, cost effective off-site FileMaker hosting in the cloud from our secure data centers is also available.

Initial Claris FileMaker Server Setup Package
Includes the following:

  • Assist in obtaining Apple Mac or Windows server hardware.
  • Initial hardware setup.
  • Install current version of FileMaker server.
  • Install SSL security certificate.
  • Upload databases to FileMaker server.
  • Set up backup schedules and offsite backup of data to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, or other similar. Additional charges for these services may apply, especially for larger databases.
  • Set up backup notification email.
  • Install and test redundant remote server access tools.
  • Assist in connecting clients to FileMaker server.

Claris FileMaker Server Maintenance Package
(Fixed monthly cost or purchased hourly under an existing service agreement) includes the following:


  • Check emails for backup and scheduled script status


  • Verify local and off-site Claris FileMaker backups to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, or other similar cloud storage.
  • Verify disk space usage.
  • Verify health and responsiveness of FileMaker admin console.
  • Check server access/error logs for any chronic issues.
  • Resolve minor backup or server issues.
  • Update remote access tools and verify access.
  • Install operating system security patches and updates. Some upgrades require system. downtime. We will work with you to schedule so as to minimize business impact.
  • Install ongoing FileMaker Server maintenance updates.


  • Upgrade to latest macOS version**
  • Upgrade to latest FileMaker Server version**
  • Assist in upgrading FileMaker Pro clients.
  • Renew/reissue SSL certificate if needed.
  • System account and FileMaker Admin Console password changes.

Note: Maintenance package cost may vary for servers with multiple functions, plugins, or in highly unstable environments.

A la Carte Options

  • Bootable clone of system drive (includes external hard drive).
  • Database compaction (can improve performance especially after many records have been added/deleted).
  • Encryption at Rest (EAR), added security for your database files.
  • FileMaker Standby Server, added redundancy if uptime is paramount.
  • HIPAA compliant hosting.