LuminFire provides reliable and cost effective Claris FileMaker server hosting, as well as web hosting optimized for WordPress websites should you need it.

We handle everything for you from start to finish so you can remain focused on your business, including optimizing your database solution files if needed.

Hosting in the Cloud with LuminFire has many advantages:

  • No hardware to purchase or maintain
    • No need for you to be a server admin or AWS / GCS / Azure expert
  • Fixed monthly cost that is easy to budget and much less expensive than maintaining an on-site or on-premise server
  • SSL certificate installation, configuration, and maintenance is included
    • Custom SSL certificates are available
  • Off Server cloud storage of backups (90 day retention)
  • SSAE 16 Type 2 certified data centers
    • 24 hour video surveillance and strictly enforced security access procedures
    • State of the art HVAC temperature control systems with separate cooling zones
    • Redundant power backup with instantaneous fail-over
    • Advanced smoke detection and fire suppression
    • Seismically braced racks
  • Self-healing cloud with auto failover in emergency
  • Super fast SSD storage
  • Optional Block storage
  • Gigabit connectivity for fast network access connected to major internet backbone providers
  • Active support with monitoring
  • Updates to FileMaker Server (when tested and deemed ready for production)
  • Updates and security patches for Linux / Windows servers
  • Dev/Production workflow powered by BrilliantDeploy
  • 24/7 on-site security and network operations staff
  • You can reach us dependably
  • Options to host in 32+ data centers around the world, providing you low latency


Our dedicated* Claris FileMaker server pricing is competitive with other vendors:

  • Typical FileMaker hosting that serves around 5-20 users starts at $125/month.
  • Typical HIPAA compliant FileMaker hosting starts at $1,200/month.
  • Custom FileMaker hosting ranges from $125-$3,000/month. Contact us for a quote for your exact situation.
  • Hosting is billed annually with a small, one-time initial set up/migration fee (starts at just $200).

The exact cost will depend upon your specific solution and the following factors:

  • The number of database files and document storage space required.
  • The number of users accessing the database.
  • The server configuration: memory and processor speed.
  • Network bandwidth used.
  • Access and concurrency requirements for FileMaker Go and WebDirect.
  • Server version and OS (Linux, Windows, macOS).
  • Special setups of ODBC connections, etc.
  • HIPAA security requirements.

* Due to licensing changes since FileMaker 15, shared hosting is no longer available.

Compared over 3 years, here’s an example of the cost savings of hosting in the cloud versus running your own server on premise:

  • $150/month LuminFire Cloud FileMaker hosting = $5,400
  • $492/month Windows Server= $17,700 (save $12,30)
  • $333/month macOS Mini Server= $12,000 (save $6,600)

Here’s the math:


Bundling Saves You Even More Money

Bundling your hosting, licensing and solution together is a great way to save you money. This option is available if you build your solution on BrilliantHub Starter SaaS.


Should I Just Host On-Site / On-Premise?

Sometimes companies believe that an on-premise server is more secure, but it’s actually not. Hosting in a data center built for serious security is much better than a place where someone could more easily gain physical access to your server hardware. Even so, if you have company policies or other reasons for requiring an on-premise FileMaker server such as government restrictions, poor internet connection, etc., we can assist with setting up and maintaining your on-site Claris FileMaker server.

Learn more about hosting FileMaker in the cloud.

How does LuminFire’s FileMaker Cloud Hosting Compare to Claris’ FileMaker Cloud?

Truthfully, compared to Claris’ FileMaker Cloud offering, LuminFire’s BrilliantHosting is better in every way. Compare them here.

Summary: We host your FileMaker database application solution files on a remote internet accessible server in a secure data center with redundant, high-speed connections and backup power generators so that your data will automatically be backed up to an off-site location and always be accessible over the internet from anywhere in the world.

Clients Love LuminFire FileMaker Hosting!

“I’ve been so happy with our database solution on your server! I’m really pleased with the performance and glad to have it hosted with y’all.” – IT Professional at West Coast Production company who switched from an internal FileMaker server to LuminFire’s cloud hosting.

Tell us more about you, and we will get you the quote you need.