You have an existing FileMaker solution at your business and it’s serving you well. In fact, your entire business depends on it.Products 22

What’s your plan if the database should fail or your internal developer is no longer available? Could it be improved to bring additional immediate ROI? These are significant business risks for a business owner and you need to have a contingency plan in place.

All too often, we’re brought in to look at a homegrown FileMaker solution and found that the system was at risk of losing critical business data permanently or put in the wrong hands due to inadequate security. The time to examine your system for potential problems is BEFORE something goes wrong.

Our FileMaker Solution Checkup provides you with an expert analysis of your solution by a Certified FileMaker developer and engineer. We’ll provide you with practical best practice advice while it’s still possible to prevent issues. Clients have found this service valuable to:

  • Prevent costly crashes, data loss, or repairs
  • Identify potential security issues
  • Improve user productivity
  • Increase overall system effectiveness
  • Make an informed decision on upgrading your FileMaker version

We start with an initial consultation where we gather information necessary to understand your existing application solution. Then we’ll use several best-in-class tools to analyze your database including:

Once your checkup is complete, we deliver a written report that includes database statistics, specific insights, and a recommended prioritized plan of action for fixing any issues that we find. You will see if there are specific areas at risk or that require attention. We will review the findings of the report with a follow-up consultation to ensure clarity and answer any questions.

We’ll examine important technical characteristics of your database(s) including:

  • Programming quality and integrity
  • User interface and interaction/usability
  • Server deployment practices
  • Data modeling/structures
  • FileMaker Server configuration and backup
  • Data integrity
  • Workflow efficiency
  • System security

We’ll also review your existing FileMaker licensing plan to see if it’s possible to save money with an update to appropriate products.

The cost for the FileMaker Checkup depends on the size of your solution and details required.

  • Small solutions that only require a few hours of analysis. $1,600
  • Medium size solutions with full details and written technical documentation $6,400
  • Large solutions with comprehensive investigation including interviews with users and comparison of business tasks with the way the system works. $6,400-$15,000