Most of our custom websites are built on the Genesis WordPress Framework. This provides you as a client with many benefits that ultimately save you time and money:

  • Consistency and standardization so that we can more easily make technical revisions to your site as necessary over time with the minimal amount of time charged to you.
  • Power – Their team of really smart guys coding provide tremendous functionality and value that we don’t need to spend time building. No need to reinvent the wheel.
  • Security – Incorporates the latest code to protect your site.
  • SEO – Optimized out of the box for search engines so people can more easily find your site and rank high in Google.
  • Genesis is responsive out of the box. It can scale automatically from mobile devices to the big screen monitor. Building a responsive theme from scratch can take at least twice as much time.
  • WordPress upgrades don’t affect your site much. Usually we just install them and gain features.
  • Genesis plugins for WordPress are very high quality. Easy to add more features like shopping carts, etc. with Genesis connectors.
  • Since Genesis is a paid solution and the company is reputable, we know that support for this theme framework will continue to be there in the future.
  • Pre-built child themes are well designed starting point for a web site. Take a look at some and see if one of them looks really good to you.