FileMaker licensing just got simpler.

With FileMaker 15, the new FileMaker Licensing for Teams (FLT) is a way to get FileMaker for teams of 5 or more users. Traditional FileMaker licensing requires knowledge of the device that will be using FileMaker (iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows or the Web). With FLT just count the number of people that will access FileMaker and purchase an appropriate tier of FileMaker in groups of 5 users.

FLT Licensing Model

Pricing goes down per user with the number of users…or higher tier. It starts at approximately $15/user/month and goes to $7/user/month at the high end >100 users (billed annually). This compares very competitively with other products including Salesforce CRM that is priced at $65/user/month with no reduction in price for additional users.

FLT requires FileMaker Server. Users can now access FileMaker anyway they want…FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, or FileMaker WebDirect.

Traditional licensing models (now known as legacy licensing) for FileMaker still exist so for existing installations there is NO CHANGE. However, purchasing additional legacy concurrent users for server on existing solutions will cost 3x as much as before because these users can now access FileMaker via 3 separate ways: FileMaker Pro 15 for Teams, FileMaker Go 15, or FileMaker WebDirect. If it makes sense, current customers may convert to FLT at the same cost as their renewal.

FileMaker Licensing for Teams will be the new go to or default licensing model. It’s simple and much more in line with how SAAS software is commonly sold today. Ask one simple question: “How many people require access to FileMaker?” That’s it.

# UsersPrice/Month

FLT Pricing