FileMaker DevCon 2017 Roundup

The 2017 FileMaker DevCon happened a few weeks ago but we’re finally getting around to processing many of the things we learned. It was a very busy summer for us LuminFire with appearances at DevCon in Phoenix, WordCamp in Minneapolis, and FOSS4G in Boston. This was the biggest and most exciting DevCon ever! There was […]

LuminFire Presentation at FileMaker DevCon 2017

Our LuminFire session of DevCon 2017 was very well received. We had a full room and lots of great questions afterwards. We’ve had several requests to make it available so here we’re attaching the description and a video recording. Brilliant FileMaker Integration Solutions In this session LuminFire will share several brilliant solutions that show the […]

Women of FileMaker Luncheon at DevCon 2017

This was an amazing year for Women of FileMaker. Women of FileMaker completed a full redesign of the logo and website with an online directory and blog courtesy of LuminFire. Women of FileMaker also sponsored three people to attend devcon on paid scholarships! We extend a special thanks to all the volunteers and the sponsors […]

LuminFire Releases FREE fmIgnite Starter Solution

fmIgnite Starter is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and business solution that you can use to begin building a complete custom solution using FileMaker, the #1 rapid application development platform in the world. LuminFire provides fmIgnite Starter unlocked and editable for FREE. fmIgnite Starter is a great foundation to expand on and to build […]

FileMaker, WordPress, and the Healthcare Medical Industry – HIPAA Compliance

FileMaker has a new Healthcare portal available to assist with building custom applications for the medical field. This free eBook features LuminFire’s mobile healthcare TrackUS custom app built using FileMaker and web technologies. LuminFire specializes in assisting clients in the healthcare and related medical industries by rapidly building affordable custom applications and websites. Some of the […]

cURLing in FileMaker 16

At LuminFire, we’re very excited about enhanced support for cURL in FileMaker 16. And no, we’re not talking about curling the sport, though it is very popular here in Minnesota and we recommend you try it too if you never have. We’re talking about cURL the free and open source project consisting of two products, a command […]

FileMaker as a CRM and ERP – Software Integration

Two software important industry buzzwords today are CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning). Both CRM and ERP software help you to run a business better by managing a business’s operations, customer relations, and financials. They provide access to data, analysis, and reports that can help you make smarter business decisions. FileMaker is […]

FileMaker Star Rating and Favorite Control

FileMaker does not have a native star, rating, or favorites control similar to common apps we see like iTunes for rating favorite songs. It’s a simple way to select your favorite and see it displayed visually. After a Google search I was unable to find any simple or up-to-date solutions for this type control. Some […]

FileMaker 16 Makes Apps Faster and More Powerful!

Today is the release of FileMaker 16 with many welcome new features. We’ve had a chance to preview the software and we’re very excited about all the new changes and many that we’ve been waiting for with anticipation for a long time. First, here is a summary of FileMaker 16 new features as described by […]

A Custom FileMaker App that Performs Magic Tricks

Computers are amazing technology. Very few people understand how they actually work and even when you do…it’s still amazing. Futurist and writer Arthur C Clarke said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” It’s true even though we often take that magic for granted today as everyone carries a supercomputer around with them in the […]

Why FileMaker?

In our experience with hundreds of organizations, we have found that too often teams end up spending time and effort in unproductive, inefficient activities that make it more difficult to reach their goals. Many organizations operate using paper forms, different types of files and formats, spreadsheets and applications that don’t connect with each other. According […]

Overland Gallery Tracks Amazing Art With Custom FileMaker/fmIgnite App and Website

Overland Gallery has been helping its distinguished clients acquire the best in Russian Realist and Impressionist paintings for over 27 years. They are the most recognized and knowledgeable source of Russian Realist and Impressionist paintings in the United States. For years, Overland Gallery had been using Microsoft Access for their database, however as their business grew, they recognized […]

AeroFab Increases Productivity with fmIgnite for Manufacturing Custom FileMaker Solution

AeroFab is a sheet metal fabrication company with seasoned experts in laser cutting, welding, design and all aspects of the fabrication process for specialized component parts used in food processing, architectural work, and more. AeroFab had been using an existing FileMaker solution and though it served them well for many years, they recognized that their needs had outgrown […]

Liberate Your FileMaker Data and Connect with the Web Using BrilliantSync!

FileMaker is the # 1 rapid application development tool and with it you can create amazing apps that track all the information you need to run your business. But often, an internal FileMaker database may have information locked up inside of it that you want to share with the world via the web. There are also cases where […]

A Little [FileMaker] Relationship Advice and Anchor Buoy

In this article we will discuss some of the under-the-hood technical details about how FileMaker databases are created and then explain why this is critical information for the business owner and beginning developer to know when building a FileMaker solution. Relationships are hard. No, I’m not talking about people. Unless those people are an entity […]

FileMaker DevCon 2017 (Developer Conference)

The FileMaker Developer Conference is coming up later this summer July 24-27, 2017 held at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort in Phoenix, Arizona. Our team of LuminFire developers will be going to learn about the latest FileMaker and web development techniques and products. There will be several days with over 1,500 other developers from all around the world. We’ll have […]

FileMaker Stats at a Glance Infographic

FileMaker has been helping companies transform their business more than 30 years and developed quite the installed user base around the world. Here’s a run down of some FileMaker statistics and facts. The FileMaker platform consists of 6 separate products that work together to create custom application solutions: FileMaker client (desktop macOS/Windows), FileMaker Advanced (developers), FileMaker Go […]

fmSoundPlayer Sound Effects on the Fly with FileMaker

At LuminFire, we do a daily stand-up SCRUM meeting with our developers. Since having fun while we do brilliant work is one of our company values, we thought it would lighten up the meeting if we added some interesting sound effects to help keep us on track. For example, a gong sound gathers us all […]

10th Anniversary of the iPhone Introduction and FileMaker Go

On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs announced the iPhone at the Macworld Expo. Here is that historic video… The first iPhone was released later that year on June 29, 2007. It was a masterful presentation. Jobs starts out by saying that this was a day he was looking forward to for over 2.5 years. Every so often a […]

Dealing with Tampered Containers in FileMaker Pro

Have you ever run into the following message in a container field? This “Tampered” error happens when an externally stored container image in FileMaker is altered by another application or operation outside out the FileMaker. For example, you might go into the directory and resize the image. It’s not entirely intuitive how you might get […]

Summary of Recent FileMaker Statistics

This article has moved to an infographic here…  

Global FileMaker Reps Join Minnesota’s only FileMaker Platinum Partner for Grand Opening Celebration

It was an evening to remember, October 18, 2016., Minnesota’s only FileMaker Platinum Partner, celebrated its Grand Opening in style, with a beautiful array of hors oeuvres and drinks, in a new space that allowed for comfortable mingling among guests, impromptu seating, and a cozy enough place to relax and enjoy presentations, live and […]

FileMaker Shares Their Product Roadmap

If you are a developer who has built a significant portion of your business on the FileMaker Platform, or if your business day to day operations rely on software built on the FileMaker Platform, it’s always nice to know that you backed the right horse. Having a glimpse into what is coming down the road gives you […]

Running a Language Translation/Interpreting Business with FileMaker

Betmar Languages, Inc. serves both the translation and on-site interpreter markets as well as converting audio/video to other languages. They must keep detailed records of their wide range of clients from manufacturers to law firms, state and local government agencies, marketing firms, ad agencies, and other type of businesses across most industries. In 1998 Betmar […]

Send Real Printed Mail from FileMaker with Integration

Dr. Egon Spengler pronounced the death of print in the 1984 hit comedy Ghostbusters, but he may have been a tad premature. We don’t send “snail mail” letters and postcards as often as we used to, but the paperless office is still science fiction for some. Receiving a physical piece of mail is a novelty, and can […] Interview from DevCon 2016

Many thanks to Donald Clark from for this interview of executives at the FileMaker DevCon 2016 in Las Vegas, NV. Gain insights into the FileMaker business world, highlights of sessions at DevCon including WordPress and GIS, Women of FileMaker, and many other ideas from Tim Cimbura (CEO), Dr. Brenda Cimbura (COO), and Nick […] Celebrates Grand Opening featuring Business Strategist Mark LeBlanc and Trust Expert David Horsager

On October 18, 2016, hosted a Grand Opening Celebration of their new office location (5155 East River Road) in Fridley, MN, with Mayor Scott Lund at the ribbon cutting ceremony, keynotes from business growth expert Mark LeBlanc and business strategist and trust expert David Horsager, and many local clients in attendance. “We appreciate our clients’ contribution to the growth and success […]

Hawkins Chemical Creates Integrated Offline iPad Mobile Ordering App with FileMaker Go

Hawkins, Inc. is a widely known and respected chemical distributor that was founded in 1938. Hawkins serves thousands of businesses and municipalities throughout the central United States and employs hundreds of staff members, including drivers who deliver chemical products to water treatment facilities, manufacturers, food and dairy producers, research labs, and many other organizations. Hawkins […]

LKT Improves Sales with new WordPress Website and FileMaker database Integration

LKT Laboratories sells biochemicals for life science research in areas such as cancer prevention and neuroscience. LKT contacted LuminFire so that they could take advantage of their existing technology investment in a FileMaker database used to track all products. They needed a new eCommerce website and wanted it to automatically connect to the FileMaker app already […]

FileMaker Cloud: What You Need to Know

Yesterday, FileMaker, Inc. took the wraps off of the latest addition to the FileMaker platform: FileMaker Cloud. It was announced at FileMaker DevCon 2016 in July, but we were not able to talk about it publicly until now. This post will be an overview of what FileMaker Cloud is, how it compares to existing offerings, […]