Building your website on the foundation of WordPress is a smart business decision. Here’s a run down of some helpful WordPress statistics and facts that show that is true.

WordPress powers 27% of the web or over 60 million sites.

WordPress is used worldwide and available in more than 56 languages and with 95 up-to-date locales. It has over 1,598 plugins and 1,224 themes available with language packs.

Overall there are 45,000 plugins with 1.5 billion downloads that provide enhanced functionality to WordPress. There were over 400 contributors to the core of WordPress in the latest version.

WordPress technology advances rapidly and has released a new version about every 4 months while maintaining backwards compatibility to minimize the effects of new features on existing sites. There have been 140 millions downloads of WordPress.

WordPress is ranked the #1 best overall Content Management System (CMS) and it powers 60% of CMS driven web sites…far more than Joomla or Drupal.

The WordPress community is strong worldwide. In the last year there were 3,193 WordPress meetups in 58 host countries with 62,566 attendees. Worldwide there were 115 WordCamps in 41 countries with 36,000 tickets sold. This included 1,036 sponsors and 2,056 speakers.

Many notable companies use WordPress for their sites including Mercedes-Benz, Time Magazine, IBM, Best Buy, The Walt Disney Company, Forbes, The New York Times, and CNN. Visit the WordPress showcase to see more.

If you’ve made the choice to build your website with WordPress, rest assured that you’re in good company and your site will have support form thousands of developers. You’re on a secure, maintainable, and widely adopted software platform.

Below is an infographic summary of current WordPress statistics at a glance gathered from various sources as indicated.

At we also use FileMaker to assist in building powerful technology solutions. You may be interested in our companion FileMaker statistics infographic.

WordPress Stats at a Glance Infographic

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