Your WordPress site could be faster and more secure with a newer PHP version

If you’ve logged into WordPress recently and seen a message like the one below, don’t ignore it. This is the WordPress equivalent of the wear indicator on your tires — you could keep driving on them, but the smart move is to replace them before they cause an accident. Your site could be faster and […]

Meltdown and Spectre Security Issues: What FileMaker and WordPress Users Need to Know

Mainstream news sources are now reporting the security issue that affects nearly every modern processor out there including Intel, AMD, and ARM chips or about 80% of the market. A potential attacker could gain access to protected system memory if an application was installed or even via malicious Javascript injected via an advertising network. The […]

Oakdale Precision’s New Web Site Bridges the Gap Between WordPress and FileMaker

Oakdale Precision, Inc. is a rapidly growing, full-service manufacturing job shop that supplies parts, assemblies, fixtures, and capital equipment to over 100 companies. They pride themselves in producing high quality items, with quick turnaround and short lead times. Their specialized equipment and workers can produce sheet and turned metal components specified to incredible tolerances. FileMaker […]

EnteraLite Infinity Pump Makes Training Easier with Custom Web App Simulator

The EnteraLite Infinity Pump is a versatile enteral feeding system that has been designed with portability in mind, and its small size allows patients to get the nutrition they need while living an active lifestyle. Initially developed by Moog, the Infinity Pump was being marketed by Nestle Nutrition. Nestle created a new website and they […]

Help! I can’t get to my Hosted FileMaker DB or WordPress website!

In the last couple of hours we’ve fielded many calls and emails from our FileMaker and WordPress website hosting clients that were unable to access their applications and websites. It wasn’t quite an “appocalypse,” but it was a major inconvenience… In this particular case our office was also affected and we quickly determined it was […]

WordPress Custom Solution for Architectural Space Design Catalog

LuminFire was approached by RSP Architects and Little Diversified Architectural Consulting to assist a large health insurer based in Minnesota with a technical problem. The client had grown rapidly in recent years, adding several new campuses, including a new 10 story state-of-the-art headquarters building. When planning and designing these new spaces the client utilized a cumbersome […]

Redesigning a Website for Maximum Impact – FREE eBook

Upgrading​ ​or​ ​redesigning​ ​your​ ​website​ ​can​ ​be​ ​tough​ ​decision​ ​to​ ​make.​ ​The​ ​old​ ​adage​ ​“don’t​ ​fix what​ ​ain’t​ ​broken”​ ​is​ ​certainly​ ​true​ ​in​ ​many​ ​cases,​ ​but​ ​the​ ​trouble​ ​with​ ​applying​ ​it​ ​to​ ​your company’s​ ​website​ ​is​ ​that​ ​there​ ​are​ ​varying​ ​levels​ ​of​ ​website​ ​disrepair—some​ ​minute​ ​and​ ​others glaringly​ ​obvious—each​ ​putting​ ​up​ ​barriers​ ​to​ ​possible​ ​profits​ ​and​ ​growth. Whether​ […]

It is time to secure your web site!

If you are currently hosting a non-SSL1 website that means information exchanged between your website and your users is not secure. The standard for securing this information is to encrypt data transmitted between the website server and the browser by establishing a SSL (aka TLS) connection.  To use SSL your server is required to have […]

Conditionally Loading Scripts and Stylesheets in WordPress For Ajax Requests

In web development it’s a often a best practice to only load CSS and JavaScript files on pages where you need them. Developing an efficient website is both a matter of site performance and of professional pride. In WordPress though it’s all too often that a carefully maintained site is suddenly filled with extra files […]

Troubleshooting issues with WordPress plugins

One of the strengths of WordPress is the tens of thousands of plugins available (for free via the plugin repository and for purchase). However it can be an Achilles’ heel at times. When you start mixing 10, 20, or 30+ plugins written by different authors and never tested against each other, sometimes issues arise. […]

Spatially enable WordPress with WP-GeoMeta-Lib

I presented this talk at the 2017 FOSS4G conference in Boston. The target audience was a group of GIS developers and users who were not WordPress experts. You can view the slide deck or view the video presentation below, or download a PDF of the slides here.  The text below the video mostly follows what […]

cURLing in FileMaker 16

At LuminFire, we’re very excited about enhanced support for cURL in FileMaker 16. And no, we’re not talking about curling the sport, though it is very popular here in Minnesota and we recommend you try it too if you never have. We’re talking about cURL the free and open source project consisting of two products, a command […]

FileMaker as a CRM and ERP – Software Integration

Two software important industry buzzwords today are CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning). Both CRM and ERP software help you to run a business better by managing a business’s operations, customer relations, and financials. They provide access to data, analysis, and reports that can help you make smarter business decisions. FileMaker is […]

Overland Gallery Tracks Amazing Art With Custom FileMaker/fmIgnite App and Website

Overland Gallery has been helping its distinguished clients acquire the best in Russian Realist and Impressionist paintings for over 27 years. They are the most recognized and knowledgeable source of Russian Realist and Impressionist paintings in the United States. For years, Overland Gallery had been using Microsoft Access for their database, however as their business grew, they recognized […]

SEO Q&A: Subdomain vs. subfolder?

I often get asked if Google* prefers a subdomain or a subfolder. The issue often arises when someone is hosting their main site on a hosted solution like Shopify (or similar) versus WordPress. They love the ease of use of the hosted service, but it’s hard to beat WordPress at blogging. They want the best of […]

Liberate Your FileMaker Data and Connect with the Web Using BrilliantSync!

FileMaker is the # 1 rapid application development tool and with it you can create amazing apps that track all the information you need to run your business. But often, an internal FileMaker database may have information locked up inside of it that you want to share with the world via the web. There are also cases where […]

MSPWP User Group Meetup 2017-02-23

Marty Kokes, one of the web developers here at spoke at the Minneapolis/St. Paul WordPress User Group meeting last night about Gravity Flow. Since we’ve finally worked all the bugs out of our A/V and recording setup, we have a recording of this month’s talks! was the host, and BrilliantPlugins had cake and beverages to celebrate […]

WordPress Stats at a Glance Infographic

Building your website on the foundation of WordPress is a smart business decision. Here’s a run down of some helpful WordPress statistics and facts that show that is true. WordPress powers 27% of the web or over 60 million sites. WordPress is used worldwide and available in more than 56 languages and with 95 up-to-date […]

Renovation Counseling Increases Online Web Presence with Well Designed Website

Renovation Counseling believes in restoration. Sometimes that means standing with you in the smoke and scaffolding of a burning relationship. Sometimes it’s helping you find the right tools to fix a compromised marriage. Other times it might look like gathering your family around and laying out a blueprint for how to rebuild together. Their specialty is relationships: among couples, […]

RSP Architects Launches New Responsive WordPress Website

RSP is an innovative architecture firm passionate about their work and laser-focused on delivering designs that work for their clients. They wear a lot of hats, from architects to interior designers to experts in facility information management, and serve thousands of companies worldwide each year, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. With so much on […]

Hormel Implements New Responsive Ingredients WordPress Website

Hormel is a multinational manufacturer and marketer of high-quality food and meat products for businesses and consumers around the world. Hormel not only offers a diverse portfolio of high quality foods to end users, but they also provide top-of-the-line ingredients to businesses in the food industry. Hormel was looking for a better way to get […]

Minnesota Grown Gets Custom Search Intelligence System with Enhanced WordPress Website

The Minnesota Grown Program is a statewide partnership between the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and over 1,200 producers of specialty crops and livestock within Minnesota. Their mission is to connect consumers directly with local producers of items from Christmas trees to honey to livestock, boosting Minnesota’s agricultural economy and promoting agriculture-related, family-friendly activities along the […]

Send Real Printed Mail from FileMaker with Integration

Dr. Egon Spengler pronounced the death of print in the 1984 hit comedy Ghostbusters, but he may have been a tad premature. We don’t send “snail mail” letters and postcards as often as we used to, but the paperless office is still science fiction for some. Receiving a physical piece of mail is a novelty, and can […]

Identifying Fake LinkedIn Profiles – Be Careful

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for business. However, I’ve received several requests from people I do not know to connect to them on LinkedIn. I’m pretty open about LinkedIn connections because many potential clients do request a connection. But these particular email requests and the associated profiles raised some red flags for me. Here’s an example: First, […]

LuminFire Interview from DevCon 2016

Many thanks to Donald Clark from for this interview of LuminFire (formerly executives at the FileMaker DevCon 2016 in Las Vegas, NV. Gain insights into the FileMaker business world, highlights of sessions at DevCon including WordPress and GIS, Women of FileMaker, and many other ideas from Tim Cimbura (CEO), Dr. Brenda Cimbura (COO), […]

26th Annual Minnesota GIS/LIS Conference

“Your Geospatial Destiny” was the theme of this year’s 26th Annual Minnesota GIS/LIS conference held in Duluth, MN (#MNGISLIS). The GIS team was there to speak, learn, network, and tour a really cool Great Lakes research vessel known as the Blue Heron. It was a great opportunity to connect with friends and learn about […]

WordPress Core Contributions

One of the benefits of using open source software like WordPress is that (if you choose) you can lend a hand to help make it better. That may mean contributing code, reporting bugs, testing releases, documentation, making it more accessible to those with disabilities, etc. It also means that thousands of other users and developers contribute […]

How to configure Atom’s php-debug package to work with Xdebug on a Pressmatic site

Xdebug is a very useful tool for debugging php problems when they arise. Getting it setup and working on your local environment can be a little tricky at times, but hopefully this guide makes things easier for you. Pressmatic is a MacOS application that allows you to create local development environments specifically for WordPress installations. […]

Changing Database Versions in Pressmatic

I just recently (yesterday!) started testing Pressmatic for my local WordPress development. Up until now I’ve been running my own Apache, MySQL/MariaDB and PHP servers which I installed using Brew by following this tutorial.   Pressmatic is very attractive because it lets you quickly switch PHP versions, swap Nginx for Apache and use a virtualized […]

Mapping Your Own Data

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Anatomy of a Web Map

Cartography is the art and skill of making maps. It involves elements of design, story telling, statistics, math and countless other skills. This blog post won’t make you a cartographer, but it will expose several common cartographic issues that come up when designing web maps. Maps tell stories, and what makes your story unique is the data you display and how you display it. Putting your data on a map is a mix of technical options and creative inspiration.