EnteraLite Infinity Pump Makes Training Easier with Custom Web App SimulatorThe EnteraLite Infinity Pump is a versatile enteral feeding system that has been designed with portability in mind, and its small size allows patients to get the nutrition they need while living an active lifestyle.

Initially developed by Moog, the Infinity Pump was being marketed by Nestle Nutrition. Nestle created a new website and they needed an updated pump simulator for training users its proper operation. Although the pump was one of the easiest to use on the market, when your child’s health is on the line, proper programming is very important.

A previous version had been built using Flash, but with mobile devices and browsers dropping Flash support, a rebuild using modern web standards was necessary. e10, a business strategy and design agency in Minneapolis, approached LuminFire with the challenge of building the pump simulator.

EntreaLite Infinity Pump

To build the digital version of the EntreaLite Infinity Pump there was one other challenge. The official documentation for the pump’s design was a trade secret, preventing LuminFire from accessing it directly. With a pump in hand, we were able to reverse engineer the pump and figure out exactly what would be needed for the pump simulator to function correctly.

We used JavaScript to recreate core pump functions, a pump display driver that was able to turn different indicators on and off and cycle them in different ways, display and scroll text messages, and accurate modeling of how fast the display numbers scroll when various buttons are held down. We also added audio recordings the pump’s sounds, making the experience of using the pump simulator as close to the real thing as possible.

The client also wanted to provide guided training sessions instructing users on how to use the pump. Working with e10, we were able to program the pump simulator so that it could query the pump and see if the user accomplished the task correctly so that once the task was completed, the pump would automatically let the user know that the task had been completed, and set up the pump for the next task. This allowed e10 to complete the training programming using our simple API for reading and setting the state of the pump simulator.

This complex and robust project was delivered on-time and on-budget.

Visit the EntreaLite Infinity Pump website to try the simulator yourself!

EntreaLite Infinity Pump 2

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