The Technological Leadership Institute at the University of Minnesota provides three technology-intensive graduate degree programs that includes technology management, medical device innovation, and security. Programs help to bridge the gap between business and engineering. They focus on helping high-tech companies grow by helping their leaders.

You would expect that a Technology Leadership Institute (TLI) takes advantage of the best technology solutions available and this came true when they found fmIgnite and LuminFire to help them. It was a bonus to know that LuminFire was founded by a graduate of the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology engineering program.

Workers in several departments at the TLI needed help managing information regarding prospective students and professors. Information was scattered in many locations including Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and an older FileMaker database that was not meeting their needs.

FileMaker is all about customization. You can build anything with it. As the leading Workplace Innovation Platform there was unlocked potential to help TLI be more effective. Unfortunately, the original design of their FileMaker solution was not easy to use and difficult to maintain primarily due to the limited skillset of the original developer. In addition, several poor design decisions were made that limited the functionality.

LuminFire put in a plan to rebuild the solution using fmIgnite platform to take advantage of thousands of hours of coding and testing. Customizations would be an important part of the project as well as migrating all existing data to the new solution, eliminating redundant silos of information. We removed duplicate records, made it easy to share and created one source of truth for all information. This made it easier to create groups and send information to the right mailing lists. The solution assists with accounting, recruitment, and ongoing management of program applicants.

Additional benefits of the project included migration to the latest version of FileMaker, consolidation of multiple files, implementation of a real security model that tracked changes at a user level, better integration eliminating double entry, and easier to use optimized workflows. We held training sessions with key personnel to be sure that the tool met their needs and provided further customizations as required to make the entire experience of using their solution maximized their productivity.

“fmIgnite was very customizable. It was really easy to work with LuminFire to get exactly what we needed. It just helped my productivity tremendously so I had more time to work on other projects…not wasting it. They were very detail oriented and that helped me. You can trust what they’ve done for us they can do for others. They are very responsive and helpful.” – Amy Danzeisen, TLI Recruiter

If you have an aging FileMaker database that needs updating, LuminFire can move it forward so that you have the best solution to make your business even more effective, productive, and profitable.