LuminFire is honored to have been selected to participate on the Claris Partner Council (CPC). Claris chose LuminFire from over 1,400 Claris developers worldwide in recognition of LuminFire’s contribution to the Claris FileMaker community over many years.

The CPC is a collaboration between the Claris executive team and a select group of Claris Partners from around the world who strive to foster mutual growth. Acting as a voice for Claris Partners and the wider community, the CPC meets regularly to discuss opportunities that can make a positive impact for Claris and the partner community.

As CEO and Solutions Engineer at LuminFire, Tim and his team have been creating brilliant custom apps, websites, and technology solutions for a large cross section of industries for the last 30 years, and he’s particularly passionate about FileMaker. His goal in joining the CPC is to give voice to the needs and ideas of Claris FileMaker developers in an effort to assist in guiding the future development and direction of the Claris Platform. Tim welcomes developers and users of the Claris platform to contact him directly with their ideas and challenges so that he can share them at Council meetings.

Current members of the Claris Partner Council include:

  • Kate Waldhauser, Portage Bay Solutions (USA)
  • Rob Speakman, We Know Data (UK)
  • Wim Decorte, Soliant Consulting (USA)
  • Ann Kiser, SeedCode (USA)
  • Todd Weller, Cross IT Services & Solutions (USA)
  • Ernest Koe, Proof+Geist (USA)
  • Mark Richman, Skeleton Key (USA)
  • Sascha Günther, Günther Business Solutions (Germany)
  • Tim Cimbura, LuminFire (USA)

Tim Cimbura – CEO and Software Engineer

Tim is an expert in creating custom business solutions that make businesses more effective, productive, and profitable. He specializes in rapid application development with the Claris platform including FileMaker and WordPress. He also knows Apple macOS technology inside and out.