SecurityFileMaker has very specific security requirements that most managed service providers are not familiar with.

Security is an extremely important part of any business now — it is required to minimize risk and protect sensitive or confidential business information that is valuable to hackers for its use in identity theft, sale on the dark web, and other nefarious activities.

If you have any concerns about the security of your FileMaker or WordPress solution, contact us for a security audit. We can provide a security maintenance program to protect your business.

If you are in the health care industry (doctors, dentists, care facilities), we can assist with making your FileMaker solutions HIPAA compliant. See this article with details about our HIPAA solutions.

Anyone doing business with the European Union (EU) needs to be concerned with GDPR.

Request a security audit to determine where you may be at risk. If you’ve already identified the risk, we can help you fix it.