Purchasing a single copy of Claris FileMaker Pro is possible through “FileMaker Licensing for Individuals,” which lets you license FileMaker for a one-time charge per computer, with each computer requiring a separate license. Individual licensing is recommended for single users of the FileMaker platform who do not need to share data with others.

There are a couple options for purchasing a single copy/license available:

  1. Purchase a single user standard retail copy of FileMaker from LuminFire for $540 (or $324 for education/non-profits). We will place the order for you and handle all the details. You then own a license for the version you purchased at that point in time. From time to time, Claris offers a BOGO or “Buy One, Give One” special as a 2 for 1 deal. If this deal is available, you will automatically get it when you purchase through LuminFire. When a major new FileMaker version is released, you pay $197 to upgrade to the newer version as long as the version you are upgrading from is one of the previous two versions. For example, if you own FileMaker 17 or 18, you are eligible to upgrade to FileMaker 19.
  2. Sign up for LuminFire’s fmIgnite Starter SaaS solution. For less than the cost of one copy of FileMaker Advanced, you get our starter solution, cloud hosting, AND a copy of FileMaker Advanced all bundled together. It’s really a great deal. You’ll also get all annual upgrades of FileMaker included. We recommend fmIgnite Starter SaaS for the majority of individual users as it’s truly the best value.

If you’re looking for more than one copy/license of FileMaker, LuminFire is part of the FileMaker volume licensing program which offers discounted licensing starting with a minimum of 5 users. This program gives you the convenience and simplicity of only one license key for all users.

Additionally, LuminFire offers a unique reseller discount so that you get the software you need for less than the cost of purchasing it directly from Claris. We can always beat their pricing, and will give you the best advice on what type of licensing to purchase. Be sure to check with us before making your investment. We’ve saved companies thousands of dollars through our FileMaker reseller program.


Purchase - FileMaker Individual License

At this time, LuminFire may only resell FileMaker licenses directly in the US and Canada. For other areas, see the Claris site directly.

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    If the BOGO (Buy One Give One) offer is available when you purchase, you will automatically get two copies for the price of one.
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