All web sites need ongoing maintenance to ensure security, reliability, and protection. Failure to maintain your website puts your business at significant risk from hackers as well as downtime from changes to software versions, etc. Staying current with software also makes it less expensive to make updates and enhancements to your website.

Our maintenance plans help you to budget for the required changes and makes sure that they happen on a regular schedule. If you don’t have a maintenance plan, you can expect that maintenance will still be required it just will be forced at seemingly random times by new software updates or new cyber attacks…and you may not have budgeted properly to make it happen in a timely manner.

WordPress maintenance plans keep your site up-to-date, secured, and backed up. LuminFire provides personalized service to meet your business need for a secure and reliable website. Maintenance plans are an enhancement to our WordPress hosting options.
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We recommend our Starter Maintenance package for all sites to make sure your site is up to date and backed up, minimizing potential security risks and downtime. Professional and Elite Maintenance packages add additional features for sites that generate revenue:

  • Off-site backup and verification make sure that in an instance where your hosting platform is compromised, you’ll know that your backups are held safely in another location.
  • Maintaining a staging site is the best way to be able to independently install updates to make sure they will not break your live site when the same updates are run there.
  • eCommerce websites are more complex and mission critical to your business. Our Professional or Elite Maintenance packages perform all updates on a staging site first and then execute a series of tests to make sure the updates will not negatively affect your bottom line while maintaining maximum security.

Starter: $150 setup + $75/month

  • Update core/plugins/themes on live site every other month (plugins within 2 business days for zero day vulnerabilities)
  • Off-site backups (30 days retention)
  • Security plugin installation & configuration
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) configuration (optional)

Professional: $200 setup + $150/month

  • Everything in the Starter Level performed monthly
  • Update of staging site on the same hosting platform as your live site with cursory check for website errors before updating live site.
  • Off-site, redundant backups (60 days)
  • Security plugin optimization
  • Software Firewall
  • Minimum level for ecommerce sites

Elite: $300 setup + $300/month

  • Everything in the Professional Level
  • Off-site, redundant backups (90 days)
  • Run through a personalized “script” or series of steps to insure that everything is working as expected on staging before updating live site.
  • Minimum level for Multisite or complex installs

Some more complex websites may not fit any of our standard plans and we can setup custom plans that meet your needs.