Hormel Implements New Responsive Ingredients WordPress Website

Hormel is a multinational manufacturer and marketer of high-quality food and meat products for businesses and consumers around the world. Hormel not only offers a diverse portfolio of high quality foods to end users, but they also provide top-of-the-line ingredients to businesses in the food industry.Hormel Implements New Responsive Ingredients WordPress Website

Hormel was looking for a better way to get information about their high quality ingredient offerings to their business to business partners and potential partners. Their diverse offerings coupled with the high value they place on honesty and trust meant that Hormel needed an innovative way to showcase their products that focused on ease of use and clarity of information—and they needed this completely customized solution in three weeks!

Partnering with a local advertising agency, Cimbura.com took on this project and built a beautiful, fully responsive WordPress website that took into account every detail, and delivered it within the tight timeline constraints.

The intuitive custom shopping cart functionality allows partners to request specifications and samples of any of their 79 ingredients, effectively automating the process and saving Hormel significant amounts of time and money. The complicated grid system scales fully on any computer, tablet or mobile device, making information even more accessible and making requesting samples and ordering products possible from anywhere. In addition to being a sleek and powerful WordPress site, it is also intuitive enough to allow Hormel to make edits to their content without the assistance of a developer, saving them additional resources.


Hormel Ingredients Home Page

Individual Products Page

View the Hormel Ingredients website.

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