Dorothy is an amazing lady. At 86 years of age she is still very active, and boasts more experience than nearly anyone else alive…except maybe Betty White.

Nearly four decades ago, Dorothy Wilhelm was a widow with six children and, as far as she knew, no employable skills. She couldn’t even drive her car on the freeway. But Dorothy is resilient, and she is now known worldwide as an accomplished columnist, humorist, speaker and broadcaster, and has spoken to audiences from Nashville to Bangkok.

Dorothy hosted the Beacon Award-winning show My Home Town on Comcast TV for a decade and now does an internet radio broadcast on the SOB Radio network. For those of you not familiar with the SOB Radio network, it stands for “Spunky Old Broads” – and all the hosts are women over fifty. After 27 years, she continues to write the humor column for The Tacoma News Tribune and is available to other papers nationally. Additionally, you can listen to her podcast, Swimming Upstream.

Her fourth book True Tales of Puget Sound is in its 5th printing and is a best seller for the History Press. Other books include Better Every Day, Catch The Christmas Sprit, and No Assembly Required). There is a free chapter of her newest book, Together Again! each Sunday on her website.

In her free time, Dorothy keeps busy by doing Tai Chi three times a week, including Sword Form. She also drives anywhere she wants.

Dorothy Being Funny

Dorothy epitomizes the “young at heart” life. She is funny, creative, and a joy to hear. She demonstrates her wisdom and life experience as well as a willingness to move forward and adapt to the many changes our world presents (technology and otherwise) in everything she does.

The Return of Dorothy Wilhelm

Dorothy’s audience in stitches.

One of Dorothy’s Laugh Lunches.

LuminFire has been guiding Dorothy through her technology decisions for more than 10 years. One of LuminFire’s first tasks was to make sure Dorothy’s computer had multiple full backups. This proved extremely valuable the day Dorothy brought her computer to a repair center to look at a hardware issue and the technician lost everything on the hard drive. Fortunately, LuminFire was able to restore it all without a hitch.

LuminFire has the ability to meet Dorothy right where she’s at. We answer her Apple Mac questions, help her with hardware and software setup and purchases, and we’ve built her a WordPress website that she can edit and change herself, giving her the freedom to add radio programs, blog articles, photos, and anything else she wants, whenever she wants. LuminFire also helped Dorothy get reliable email delivery – a critical tool for any business.

Even though Dorothy lives in Dupont, Washington (1,700 miles and 25 hours away from LuminFire’s office in Minneapolis) LuminFire is able to remotely support her Apple Macintosh computers and technology solutions using tools like TeamViewer. It’s almost as if we’re right there beside her.

“I have certain professionals in my life in whose advice I have absolute confidence. My daughter, the nurse. My son, the lawyer. And LuminFire for technology. Now that’s a high tribute, because we’re not related. In fact, those people at LuminFire are somewhat annoying because they are so smart and usually right.

I love working with LuminFire. I simply just can’t find the level of professionalism elsewhere. Even in these tough times, I’m busier than ever working online. I’m actually creating popular free standing humor breaks for clients to liven up those dull Zoom meetings. I literally can’t do it without LuminFire! I mean, what do I know about the internet?

People are always asking me how I manage to work full time at this time of life. I do it because I only do the work I know how to do. Everything else, I leave to the experts.”

Dorothy Wilhelm

“We are so honored to help Dorothy with her technology. With all her wisdom and levity, she keeps us on our best behavior and makes work fun.” – Tim Cimbura, CEO

If you’re looking for a company with heart, patience, and technology expertise to guide you in the right direction, LuminFire is the right choice for you. Contact us to get started.

Tim Cimbura – CEO and Software Engineer

Tim is an expert in creating custom business solutions that make businesses more effective, productive, and profitable. He specializes in rapid application development with the Claris platform including FileMaker and WordPress. He also knows Apple macOS technology inside and out.