Why FileMaker? In our experience with hundreds of organizations, we have found that too often teams end up spending time and effort in unproductive, inefficient activities that make it more difficult to reach their goals. Many organizations operate using paper forms, different types of files and formats, spreadsheets and applications that don’t connect with each other.

According to one survey, employees at small and mid-sized firms spend 50% of their workday engaged in unproductive but necessary activities.

Why FileMaker?Operating this way causes productivity drains on teams. Most organizations say they face three challenges:

  1. Scattered information. It’s literally everywhere—in multiple applications, in notebooks, in spreadsheets, on someone’s iPad. Teams spend time and energy trying to find the information they need. According to The Paperless Project, managers spend an average of 4 weeks a year searching for or waiting on papers that are misfiled, mislabeled, or just missing.  That is like taking one month out of the calendar and throwing it away.
  2. Inefficient or ad hoc processes. The workflow is error-prone and time consuming.  In fact, the LinkedIn Records Management Professionals Group reports that 67% of data loss is directly related to user blunders… 30 times more menacing than viruses.
  3. Difficulty finding technology that fits their needs.

The following software options exist:

  1. Off-the-shelf applications and App Store apps – These are quick to find and install, but may not meet all their needs and could be hard to customize.
  2. Traditional programming tools – Many companies hire programmers to create their own applications. They can create exactly what they want, but this process takes significant time and money.  Maintaining the solution can be expensive…up to 4-10 times the cost of a FileMaker solution.
  3. FileMaker makes it easy to create custom solutions that: Cost effectively bring together all needed information, quickly streamline business processes, and can be easily updated and deployed across different devices and platforms. This can be done quickly and efficiently—at a lower cost than other application programming environments.

FileMaker Overview…

  • An Apple subsidiary…backed by the #1 tech company in the world.
  • Platform to easily create custom solutions for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web.
  • 30 years of experience helping companies transform their business.
  • Over 20 million units delivered in 15 languages to organizations of all sizes.
  • Over 1.5 million downloads of FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone.

The following video presents a strong case for FileMaker’s strengths. Utilizing FileMaker can increase collaboration, help you gain insight and take action on those things that are important to your business.

The following demo shows the creation of a simple FileMaker custom app in only a few minutes. It demonstrates effectively why FileMaker is the #1 rapid application development tool in the world.

LuminFire is a Platinum FileMaker Business Alliance partner…one of only 40 in the U.S. (out of 1,400 FBA partners in the world.) We are experts at making FileMaker work for your organization so it is more effective, productive, and profitable. Contact us for FileMaker licensing or a free consultation to see how FileMaker could work for you.

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