WordPress PHP CodeSniffer for your favorite editor

PHP Code Sniffer (PHPCS) is a code inspector that can help enforce coding standards by highlighting problems. We like it because using it is an easy way to make sure you’re using best practices while you’re editing, or before you commit your code. Because we work with WordPress, we use the the official WordPress coding standards […]

MSPWP User Group Meetup 2017-02-23

Marty Kokes, one of the web developers here at Cimbura.com spoke at the Minneapolis/St. Paul WordPress User Group meeting last night about Gravity Flow. Since we’ve finally worked all the bugs out of our A/V and recording setup, we have a recording of this month’s talks! Cimbura.com was the host, and BrilliantPlugins had cake and beverages to celebrate […]

A Little [FileMaker] Relationship Advice and Anchor Buoy

In this article we will discuss some of the under-the-hood technical details about how FileMaker databases are created and then explain why this is critical information for the business owner and beginning developer to know when building a FileMaker solution. Relationships are hard. No, I’m not talking about people. Unless those people are an entity […]

fmSoundPlayer Sound Effects on the Fly with FileMaker

At Cimbura.com, we do a daily stand-up SCRUM meeting with our developers. Since having fun while we do brilliant work is one of our company values, we thought it would lighten up the meeting if we added some interesting sound effects to help keep us on track. For example, a gong sound gathers us all […]

FileMaker 2016 DevCon Wrap Up

We’re all back from an exciting week of seeing the latest and greatest FileMaker advances and starting to settle in to “normal.” Taking a full week away from work is tough but worth it in so many ways. There were many people to meet and new things to learn. It really was an inspiring time to […]

Understanding the “IMMEDIATE ATTENTION REQUIRED: PayPal service upgrades” email and what it means for your website

PayPal has made everyone’s week a little crazier by sending out a very scary sounding email with the subject line “IMMEDIATE ATTENTION REQUIRED: PayPal service upgrades.” Relax. It’s not as scary as it sounds. If you’re a Cimbura.com customer, simply fill out a support request and rest easy: we’ve got you covered. If you need a new web […]

Jumping Around the FileMaker Relationship Graph

Large relationship graphs in FileMaker can get difficult to navigate. You spend a lot of time scrolling around or zooming in and out to try and find the relevant area where you need to work. There are a couple of ways to deal with this problem. One way is to use the 2empowerFM FileMaker Developer […]

FileMaker Custom Web Publishing

Updated 7-2015 to include some new options Quite often we want to take much of the data included in a FileMaker database and make it available to a large public audience without the need for them to own the FileMaker application and have it installed on their computer. To do this, we can utilize custom […]