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BrilliantSync started as a single powerful translation and syncing engine. It has grown into a suite of unique, reliable, flexible and specialized tools for integrating FileMaker and other applications including fmFlare, BrilliantGateway, BrilliantForms, BrilliantStorage, BrilliantFlows, BrilliantPortal, and more.

The BrilliantSync tool suite connects your FileMaker solution to nearly any web product or service available with less programming effort and greater reliability. These tools allow you to take advantage of the wealth of technology available beyond the FileMaker world, while still keeping FileMaker as the digital hub for your solution. No longer do you need to reinvent the wheel and build everything in FileMaker. Each tool can work in concert to build your solution taking advantage of best-in-class technology apps working in concert.

BrilliantSync tools convert data from multiple sources to information the FileMaker developer can understand and work with in a familiar way. They provide reliable and secure database services in the cloud with connectors that do all the most challenging work. BrilliantSync tools streamline integrations, saving businesses (and their developers) a significant amount of effort and money by shortening the time it takes to create integrations.

BrilliantSync tools creates the ability to:

  • Reliably scale FileMaker data access to thousands of users.
  • Allow for web form generation and translation to FileMaker.
  • Provide access to web data sources in a way familiar to FileMaker developers.
  • Reduce the complexities of APIs.

How it Works
Data sync is a very complex operation. BrilliantSync tools include several advanced technologies working behind the scenes to make it more accessible to FileMaker developers.

Web-based products and services each have their own API (Application Programming Interface). BrilliantSync tools translate data formats between your FileMaker solution and the web-based solutions you want to use and handles the syncing of the data on a regular schedule.

BrilliantSync tools take advantage of many of the advanced integrating technologies available in FileMaker including the Data API, JSON, cURL, JavaScript, Webviewers, SQL, ESS (External SQL Sources) and an ODBC (Open Database Connectivity). Once you setup connection to BrilliantSync tools you can read, edit, or create records in external applications and exchange information without the need to write complicated code. BrilliantSync takes care of all that work for you behind the scenes starting with authentication. You can work with familiar FileMaker tables, fields, and script steps. They even insulate you from future API changes in the external applications.

BrilliantSync tools are built using fully scalable, load balanced, fault-tolerant, managed technologies via AWS (Amazon Web Services). BrilliantSync works the same if your database is hosted on-site or on a FileMaker server in the cloud.

What Does It Sync? / Connectors
BrillantSync tools allow you to directly pull or push nearly anything including FileMaker ecommerce orders, registration details, product/catalog info, inquires, etc. with your website. It allows you to scale FileMaker to thousands of users through the web. BrilliantSync tools can exchange FileMaker data with WordPress, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, QuickBooks, MailChimp, Salesforce, Hubspot, PeopleSoft, and any number of other web tools. In addition, our team of integration experts can build a custom connector for nearly any web service or solution available. All it needs is an API.

User Quotes

“I’m very impressed with your team and how you manage projects and communicate. I’ve been looking for something that would connect FileMaker, WordPress, QuickBooks, and Salesforce. I can see BrilliantSync is the right solution for us. I chose LuminFire specifically for your expertise with APIs, GIS, FileMaker and WordPress integration. You’re uniquely positioned to see the greater vision.” – Michael Robinson, President, PermitPlace

“This is so exciting. Did you know that I’ve been trying to get a portal like this done for over 10 years? I am overwhelmed with thankfulness. We are thrilled with the results and the possibilities for the future. Thank you!” – Internal Developer, International Retailer


BrilliantSync integrations vary widely based on the complexity and readiness of your solution. Often databases need fields to be mapped, business logic to be defined and some tweaking to be “sync ready”.

For a monthly fee, your FileMaker solution can take advantage of over 10,000 hours of R&D put into BrilliantSync tools. Our pricing is very competitive with all other solutions and designed to get your solution completed as quickly as possible. If you think BrilliantSync might be a fit for your technology needs, fill a project request form below and we can set up a call to discuss it further. We can help to determine exactly which technology is right for your situation.