BrilliantSync – A framework for keeping WordPress and FileMaker in Sync

BrilliantSync is a custom technology solution from LuminFire for connecting FileMaker to WordPress, with add-ons for WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and the ability to connect data via custom tables. We’ve also integrated with Drupal, and can interface with other web content management systems (CMS) if needed.

BrilliantSync is a framework that does the work to convert WordPress data types to information FileMaker can understand via ESS/ODBC (and vice versa). Delivered as a WordPress plugin and custom FileMaker scripts, BrilliantSync streamlines integrations and can save significant time during the process of building the solution.

Unlike other solutions that force you to learn the MetaWeblog API, the WordPress database model, or REST APIs, BrilliantSync allows each tool to work as intended: FileMaker deals with records and record-sets via ESS, while WordPress and PHP handle data translation using the core WordPress functions and enforce business logic on the web side. There’s no Custom Web Publishing (CWP) service to worry about crashing (or introducing security issues), no FileMaker PHP API deprecation issues, and no web scripts to install on your FileMaker server.

Unlike WebDirect, it can work in any browser and there’s no additional FileMaker licensing required! BrilliantSync adds marginal overhead so your web site can serve visitors without bogging down your FileMaker server.

BrilliantSync works the same if your database is hosted on-site, on a shared/dedicated FileMaker server, or in fmCloud. You determine the sync schedule — no “robots” or other workarounds are required.

Since each non fmIgnite FileMaker database is unique, we need to look at your existing database to assess the amount of time required to integrate, thus BrilliantSync is licensed along with consulting services to implement a successful sync solution. Discovery and custom coding is required to map tables/fields and connect systems to enable your desired workflow. Integration projects often require budgets on the order of $6,000-$18,000 and beyond depending on many factors (number of tables/fields to be synced, complexity of desired workflows, limitations of your web hosting provider, etc).

If you’ve taken advantage of fmIgnite, our fully customizable FileMaker-based business solution, we’ve developed wpIgnite which can sync fmIgnite data types automatically, reducing your cost and speeding implementation.

As a bonus, BrilliantSync becomes more powerful with each integration we complete — the annual license covers updates to the sync engine to keep it in step with WordPress core and the plugins it integrates with.

Here are a few example web sites/projects that utilize the BrilliantSync framework to connect backend FileMaker databases to WordPress or other websites:

  • LKT Laboratories – Bi-directional sync of customers, orders, POs, products —  integrated eCommerce with WooCommerce
  • The Wedding Guys – Sync of tickets, exhibitors, photos, and shows (FileMaker to WordPress)
  • Hideaway Day Camp – One way sync if registration forms (WordPress to FileMaker)
  • The Jerome Foundation – Sync of registration information from Drupal

More information is available in our DevCon 2016 WordPress/FileMaker integration presentation.

If you think BrilliantSync might be a fit for your technology needs, fill a project request form and we can set up a call to discuss it further.