How to Migrate from CrashPlan to Another Backup Solution

For a number of years now, CrashPlan by Code42 has been our favorite cloud backup option for home and personal use and we’ve recommended it to everyone. Recently, CrashPlan announced that they will be focusing solely on business backup and discontinuing their personal and home backup offering. Effective October 22, 2018 Code42 will stop operating […]

A Custom FileMaker App that Performs Magic Tricks

Computers are amazing technology. Very few people understand how they actually work and even when you do…it’s still amazing. Futurist and writer Arthur C Clarke said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” It’s true even though we often take that magic for granted today as everyone carries a supercomputer around with them in the […] rebrands as LuminFire

The name was first officially used in 2003, but we’ve been building innovative software solutions for 30+ years under the guidance of our CEO and founder, Tim Cimbura. Since that time, we’ve significantly grown and expanded our capabilities which now include an amazing team of talented experts in WordPress, FileMaker, mobile, GIS, and Apple technology. […]

Renovation Counseling Increases Online Web Presence with Well Designed Website

Renovation Counseling believes in restoration. Sometimes that means standing with you in the smoke and scaffolding of a burning relationship. Sometimes it’s helping you find the right tools to fix a compromised marriage. Other times it might look like gathering your family around and laying out a blueprint for how to rebuild together. Their specialty is relationships: among couples, […]

LuminFire Celebrates Grand Opening featuring Business Strategist Mark LeBlanc and Trust Expert David Horsager

On October 18, 2016, LuminFire (formerly hosted a Grand Opening Celebration of their new office location (5155 East River Road) in Fridley, MN, with Mayor Scott Lund at the ribbon cutting ceremony, keynotes from business growth expert Mark LeBlanc and business strategist and trust expert David Horsager, and many local clients in attendance. “We appreciate our clients’ contribution to the growth and […]

FileMaker 2016 DevCon Wrap Up

We’re all back from an exciting week of seeing the latest and greatest FileMaker advances and starting to settle in to “normal.” Taking a full week away from work is tough but worth it in so many ways. There were many people to meet and new things to learn. It really was an inspiring time to […]

LuminFire Mac OS X Desktop Background Image

Updated 7-5-17 We’ve created a beautiful LuminFire inspired desktop background wallpaper. It’s modern, classy, but not overly busy so that you can easily see your icons against the blue background. It is a jpg image set to the ideal size of 5418×3408 pixels at 300dpi as are other Apple-provided desktop backgrounds so that it will look […]

FileMaker and Issues with Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks and Yosemite

We’ve noticed some issues lately with some FileMaker clients running on Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks and 10.10 Yosemite. They include seemingly random disconnects of FileMaker from the server. The following error messages may appear as a symptom of this issue: “Communication with the host was interrupted and could not be re-established. All affected windows will […]

Box Lunch Group Order App for iPad Built with FileMaker Go

One of the great things about FileMaker is it’s ability to quickly create a very useful solution quickly. Our local FileMaker Developer Group in the Twin Cities (FMPUG-MN) has monthly meetings. Recently, we’ve ordered sub sandwich box lunches from Jimmy John’s. With up to 30 people in attendance on a regular basis, it’s a challenge get the […]

Excellent FileMaker Statistics

DB Engines reports some pretty positive news for FileMaker. First off, FileMaker is in the top 15 databases…and connects automatically via ESS (External SQL Sources) to the top three DBMSs: Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. One important thing to notice is that despite these databases residing in different spaces, FileMaker is still near the top. […]

Redesigning Tired FileMaker Databases

Many FileMaker databases were created long ago in earlier versions of FileMaker that did not have the modern tools for creating custom themes and styles like those available in FileMaker 13. As such, FileMaker sometimes gets a bad rap for having “tired” or poorly designed user interfaces. Clients often hire us to redesign, update, and […]

End Excel Abuse Today

“Many have used spreadsheets and survived. But there is a better way to thrive…with a custom app.” Excel spreadsheets are great. They can perform a lot of useful tasks for your business like general purpose number crunching, tracking customer contacts/information, making custom invoices, and producing charts. But many businesses push spreadsheets to their limits. They […]

fmNauticalFlags – View Your Name in Flags!

I came across the nautical flag codes one day and thought it would be fascinating to see my name in flags. Around the same time, FileMaker 12 was released and I was looking for a project that would let me experiment with the new theme architecture and features as well as take full advantage of […]

Avoiding Trademark Scams

I recently filed and received several trademarks quickly, easily, and at a low cost through Then the letters (scams) started coming in the mail. Note that once you file your trademark, most of the trademark information is of public record so they can obtain your address and actual trademark info easily. One letter looked […]

The Best Source for Printing

What is the best source for business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures, letterhead , greeting cards & envelopes? I get this question frequently. I use I’ve found they do high quality work, fast, and at a very reasonable price. They regularly run sales. Try the code “POSTCARDSALE” when checking out to see if you might […]

Remembering Winston Wallin

Today I attended the remembrance service for Winston Wallin, former president of Pilsbury and CEO of Medtronic. LLC technology developed a custom FileMaker database for Wallin Education Partners that  tracks over $20 million of scholarships awarded to thousands of students. My interaction with Win came through his sincere appreciation which he personally expressed for […]

iPad, iPhone, and FileMaker Go on the Air

Tim was featured on the iPad Possibilities Podcast interviewed by Timothy Chaten on 9/23/10. We discuss the future of FileMaker and how it works on the iPad to create custom mobile applications. Interview Part 1 In part 2 of the interview about FileMaker, FileMaker Go, and the iPad on 9/30/10 we’re joined by John Sindeler […]