The following are just a few of the LuminFire FREE sample applications (apps or databases) available that can be used by FileMaker developers to help create a customized solution. They are provided FREE for your enjoyment:

  • fmGauge – Use Google’s charting to create a dashboard type gauge.
  • fmMapCharter – Use Google’s charting to create a customized map of areas the world. Includes ISO country and state tables.
  • fmIPtoCountry – Find the country of a user from their IP address.
  • Awesome Progress Bar – Show good looking progress indicators without any plug-ins.
  • Web Viewer Image Resizing – Dynamically resize an image in a web viewer.
  • fmPacMan – In celebration of the 30th anniversary of PacMac (May 2010), take a break and have some fun playing PacMan in your database.
  • fmTinyURL – Use FileMaker to get a smaller URL.
  • Mac OS X Address Book Contacts and iCal Calendar Event/Task Import – Utilizing Bento and FileMaker 11 easily import information into FileMaker.
  • fmNAICSCodes – Standard industry classification NAICS codes in a sample FileMaker database with unique codes in one table and conversion from 1997-2002 codes in another.
  • fmParse – Use a custom function to get at text information embedded within text fields.

Here’s a full list of all the FREE FileMaker sample files.