Fire up your business with fmIgnite®–the most feature complete, cost-effective, and fully customizable FileMaker-based business solution available!

fmIgnite® is a powerful business solution that serves as a foundation that can be customized to meet your exact business needs. It is a fully integrated system based on the #1 workplace innovation platform in the world FileMaker Pro. It is the tool that can make your business more effective, productive, and profitable.

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Some key benefits:Products 16

  • Manages over 100 critical business elements out of the box including Contacts, Groups, Projects/Jobs, Time Tracking, Estimates, Tasks/Templates, Bookings, Calendars, Events, Notes, Mail/Templates, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Journal/Billing, Products, Payroll, Documents, Travel, Proposals, Quotes, Classes, Help, Requests, and more.
  • Simplifies information entry with smart fields and eliminates double-entry through easy import of information from Excel, your web site, or email messages.
  • Connects Windows, macOS, and Apple iPhone/iPad Mobile devices to the same system.
  • Integrates with hundreds of external web services using fmFlare or BrilliantSync including QuickBooks, MailChimp, Avalara sales tax system, CVENT registration, Survey Monkey, MYOB/AccountEdge, WordPress, Slack, Mac OS X iCloud, and nearly any other apps with an API (Application Programming Interface).
  • Stores critical business information in one place. Connect to directly to any other database systems including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, and PostgreSQL.
  • Share your information anywhere in the world via reliable and secure internet cloud-based hosting or on-premise server.
  • Grow your business with the ability to add features at your own pace and with immediate ROI (Return on Investment) and low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
  • Connect your contact information to web services like Google Maps, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, weather, city info, phone directory, and more.

Some instances and representative industries where fmIgnite has been implemented:

  • Creative Agencies managing clients, vendors, jobs, and projects.
  • Art Galleries.
  • Manufacturing managing clients, parts, orders, and invoicing.
  • Association management and law firms.
  • Service industries like pest control or maintenance and repair.
  • Consulting services managing jobs, invoicing, and tracking.
  • Schools and study abroad programs managing students, host families, and travel.
  • Non-profits managing donors, scholarships, etc.
  • Real restate managing buildings, spaces, and projects.
  • Health care institutions requiring HIPAA compliance.
  • Law offices managing cases, contacts, and referrals
  • Speakers and entertainers managing bookings/engagements.

fmIgnite® is licensed with consulting services that can get you started to exactly meet your particular needs. Data migration services can move your existing data from nearly any previous system including Excel, Salesforce, Access, ACT!, Outlook, Bento, Apple Address Book, etc.

A customized solution built on fmIgnite will save you thousands of dollars over starting development from a basic template or from scratch. It allows you to focus your efforts on building only those application features that are required for your unique business needs to get a solution much faster and gain a unique competitive advantage.

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As a totally customizable solution, typical investments in fmIgnite are in the range of $3,000-$300,000 depending on many factors including the number of users, modules, security requirements, etc. SaaS versions are also available starting at a reasonable monthly cost per user including bundled FileMaker hosting and licensing.

To get started with the flavor of fmIgnite, you can download our FREE fmIgnite Starter solution.