Our Brilliant Solutions

BrilliantMDM Powered by Addigy (Mobile Device Management)

Manage your Apple Mac and iOS devices for secure data and applications.

Apple Macintosh Sourcing

We can assist in getting you the best deal on any Apple equipment including Macs, iPads, iPhones, etc. through many different sourcing options depending on your needs.

Apple Tech Support and Managed Services

Sourcing, installation, support, troubleshooting, and maintenance of macOS and iOS systems. Apple Consultant Network (ACN) partner.

Basic Computer Troubleshooting

Ideas for fixing it yourself
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Brilliant Plugins for WordPress

Add functions to your WordPress website.
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Build amazing artificial intelligence (AI) systems to help your business grow.


Setting up a backup strategy to prevent computer disaster.


Increase the performance of your website


Pre-built advanced integration code modules for FileMaker. Easily connect FileMaker to the world. (Formerly fmFlare)

BrilliantConnect Cloud Storage

Connect FileMaker to several external file storage services

BrilliantConnect & Gravity Forms Field Helper

WordPress plugin to connect Gravity Forms to FileMaker with BrilliantConnect

BrilliantDelivery Email

Transactional email forwarding and custom domains


Setup a development to production process for Claris FileMaker solutions


Real-time and message queue style webhook receiver.


Cloud-based customizable "drag and drop" forms with direct import capability into your FileMaker solution.


FileMaker Data API middleware to enable stable public APIs and mitigate performance and security issues in any public facing solution
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A cost-effective, fully customizable business solution. (Formerly fmIgnite)

BrilliantHub for Manufacturing

Powerful FileMaker-based business solution for manufacturing.

BrilliantHub for Service Businesses

Powerful FileMaker-based app for service oriented businesses
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BrilliantHub Starter

Fully customizable FileMaker-based business starter solution.
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BrilliantHub Starter SaaS Bundle

Software as a Service bundle gets you BrilliantHub Starter and saves money over standard FileMaker cloud hosting and licensing costs.


Edit container field and external images directly in FileMaker.


Establish a Digital Legacy for Today and Future Generations


The smart way to map your business data using WordPress.


fmFlare and BrilliantPDF allow you to manipulate PDFs from FileMaker and enter field data in the right places of a PDF form with drag and drop ease.


A web dashboard app with an extensible API for synching data from FileMaker via fmFlare and support for the FileMaker DataAPI


With BrilliantPosts, you can automate all the tedium of social media management, drive brand awareness, grow your business, and view campaign metrics... all in one central place.


Create QR and bar codes within your custom apps.


Security services to protect your business data and reduce your risk.


Craft the perfect search engine optimization strategy that will target and drive ideal customers to your website.


A general-purpose object storage API that abstracts away the complexities of connecting to various cloud storage providers.
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BrilliantSync™ Tool Suite

Connect your FileMaker solution to the world.


BrilliantTheme is a collection of three well designed, best practice, and modern Claris FileMaker Pro themes.


Plugin addon that provides enhanced file upload capabilities to Gravity Forms.

BrilliantInsight – Business Intelligence

Custom Dashboards and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to assist in making smart business decisions.

Claris Connect Consulting

Integration platform to automate workflows by stitching applications together in a low code environment.

Box Lunch Order for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

Use FileMaker Go to count slices and estimate the number of sandwiches required for your special event.

Brick Set Tracker for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

FileMaker 101 – Build a Custom App to Track LEGO Brick Sets

Christmas Lights for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

Display Christmas Lights in FileMaker using JavaScript and a WebViewer.

Collection Tracker for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

Track your hobbies and collections with a custom FileMaker solution.

Claris FileMaker Conference History

App that tracks the history of FileMaker conferences including Claris Engage, DevCon, Pause on Error and AutoEnter.

cURL Demo for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

This tool makes it easier for FileMaker solutions to interact with other systems.

Days To Go Countdown for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

Countdown the days to your birthday, vacation, or special events.

Fiddle for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

Fiddle is a Claris FileMaker version of JSFiddle…a popular playground for front-end web developers and tool for testing JavaScript.

Fireworks for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

Display fireworks in FileMaker using JavaScript and a WebViewer.

Gauge for Claris FileMaker Pro

Use FileMaker to display gauges with Google charts.

Get(AllTheThings) for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

Get FileMaker Server and client configuration information quickly and analyze server performance.

IP to Country for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

Use FileMaker to convert IP addresses to the country of origin.

JSON Demo for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

A way to pass data from one place to another in a predictable way across programming platforms.

Lob Direct Mail API for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

Send real mail from FileMaker.

Log Viewer for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

Tool that lets you easily search FileMaker log records

Magic for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

See FileMaker perform several entertaining magic tricks.

NAICS Codes for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

Use FileMaker to select NAICS business codes.

Nautical Flags for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

Use FileMaker to convert text to nautical flags.

Pizza Party Count for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

Pizza Count can count slices and number of pizzas.

Score Keeper for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

Score Keeper can help you track multiple athletic games.

Star Favorites Rating Control for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

A way to select your favorite and see it displayed visually.

Star Wars Day for Claris FileMaker

Use html, CSS, and Javascript in a web viewer to display the original Star Wars intro titles with customizable text.

Super Awesome Progress Bar for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

A brilliant implementation of progress bars for FileMaker

Timelines for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

Use FileMaker to compile and export interactive timelines for use on the web.

Variable Row Height Portal for Claris Pro & FileMaker Pro

Display portal records with variable row heights in a webviewer

Claris FileMaker Webdirect

WebDirect is a Claris FileMaker deployment option that runs a version of FileMaker in a web browser.

Compliance with Global Privacy Regulations

Assist with compliance for data privacy laws worldwide

Content Marketing

Quality website articles, videos, and information

Custom Application Development

Solutions to fit your unique businesses processes and work flow. Web, desktop macOS/Windows, and mobile iOS/Android.

Cylance Smart Antivirus

Smart anti-virus protection software.
Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing

Increase profits through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, and custom content creation.

Domain Name Registration and DNS Management

Remove the hassle and worry for your critical internet domains.

Excel Spreadsheet to Claris FileMaker Migration

End Excel abuse by moving spreadsheets to a custom app

Chief Executive Consultation

C-level (CEO, CTO, COO) technology and business advice to put you on the fast track to success.
blue filemaker ai

FileMaker AI Demo

Free FileMaker OpenAI demo file

FileMaker Apps on Demand

Fast and reliable access to your FileMaker app from anywhere in the world.

FileMaker Pro & Claris Pro Sample Apps

Useful and fascinating free apps for FileMaker developers to help create a customized solution.

Claris FileMaker Pro / Studio / Connect Consulting

FileMaker Application Solution Optimizing, Enhancing, Troubleshooting, Maintenance, and Support

FileMaker Database Conversion and Migration

Move your older FileMaker db application solution smoothly to the latest version of Claris FileMaker

Claris FileMaker Cloud Hosting

Reliable, secure, and cost effective servers around the world.

Claris FileMaker Licensing

The right FileMaker software and best pricing for your situation.

Claris FileMaker On Premise Server

Setup, maintenance, security, and backup

FileMaker Security Audit

Reduce significant business risk by identifying security issues in your solution that require remediation.

FileMaker Server SSL Certificate Installation

Assists in keeping your FileMaker server communication secure.
Solution Checkup Product

FileMaker Solution Checkup

Get a full picture of how your FileMaker solution is compared to other solutions. Identify options for necessary optimization and enhancements.

FileMaker Training

Custom classroom, mentoring, and coaching.

BrilliantHub for Art Galleries

Specialized app to track information for art galleries

BrilliantHub for Creative Teams

Specialized app to track information for creative teams and agencies

BrilliantHub for Sports Teams

Powerful FileMaker-based business solution for sports teams.

FREE Technology Gifts

Christmas all year round with these valuable services

Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress

Reliable, secure, responsive WordPress theme and platform for your site.
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Location Intelligence – GIS, Spatial, and Mapping Custom Development

Use Geographic Information Systems to create maps and visualize spatial data.

Google Workspace (aka GSuite) Implementation

Installation, sourcing, support, and maintenance of productivity suite, calendar, email, etc.

Grow Your Business with the Claris Platform FileMaker Training

Learn the basics of FileMaker and how to harness its power to grow your business

Laravel Web Development

A powerful and popular open-source PHP framework used to rapidly build powerful web applications.


Digital email marketing

Managed Endpoint Protection

Proactive anti-virus monitoring and security protection

Microsoft Access Database Migration

Move to a solution that is more flexible and reliable

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Boost site traffic and turn viewers into customers
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Premium WordPress Plugin Library

LuminFire WordPress website hosting includes our extensive library of premium plugins

QuickBooks Integration

Save time without redundant data entry by syncing QuickBooks with your FileMaker or web solution.

Security Consulting Services

Compliance assistance for Personal Health Information (PHI HIPAA), Payment Card Industry (PCI), and General Data Protection Requirements (GDPR).


Powerful, affordable Sales & Marketing Automation Platform to to drive and track more leads, convert them to sales, and optimize your marketing.

Single Claris FileMaker License Purchase – For Individuals

License the latest release of FileMaker for a one-time charge per computer
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Software Integration

Share business info and reduce redundant data entry by making software systems talk.

Tech Blog

Free advice, tips and tricks, and in-depth articles on business and technology.

Technology Support

Get prioritized help for your software or hardware.

Technology Blueprint

Discovery, business analysis, and design of total solution for your budget.

TrackUS App – Track Ultrasound

Tracking app for ultrasounds in hospital setting

Virtual Conference Technical Management

Managing all the technical production details of your online Zoom conference

Website Accessibility Audit

Get a full picture of how your website compares to other sites. Identify options for necessary optimization, and enhancements.

Website Security Audit

Get a full picture of how your website compares to other sites. Identify options for necessary security, optimization, and enhancements.

Website SSL Certificate Installation

Keep your site secure and rank higher in SEO.


Build your custom site on the reliable and ecommerce leader.
WordPress Product

WordPress Website Maintenance

Keep your site up-to-date, secured, and backed up.

WordPress Premium Plugin Support

Per incident assistance with Brilliant Plugins

WordPress Web Hosting

We provide hosting suitable for most web sites, and can recommend higher performance hosting options if needed.
WordPress Product

WordPress Websites

Build a stunning custom website using the #1 CMS in the world.
Solution Checkup Product

WordPress Website Checkup

Audit your site security, content, and speed